5 Great Advantages of Translating Your Hotel Website

5 Great Advantages of Translating Your Hotel Website
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


More than 50 percent of global travel and tourism reservations are made online.

Therefore, as a hotel owner, you need to ensure your website is designed to generate leads and close customers.

The website should not only look presentable but also have content that caters to the needs of your prospective customers.

However, did you know that half of all online users are foreign, non-English speakers?

According to studies, 75 percent of these non-English speaking audiences prefer to make online purchases on websites in their specific languages.

Hotel websites that don’t cater to non-English speaking audiences miss out on huge revenue opportunities. 

Here are five reasons why you should translate your hotel website into several languages.

5 Great Advantages of Translating Your Hotel Website

Stand Out from the Competition 

The tourism industry is worth more than $7.6 trillion, with a significant percentage of coming from non-English speaking countries.

Since the market is big enough, there is room for everyone to make money. However, this kind of boom comes with extremely fierce competition.

You are better off using whatever edge you have over your competitors.

Translating your website gives you the edge you need to stay ahead of your competitors. When your website content is translated into non-English languages, it will better address the needs of your foreign audiences.

Cater to a Global Audience

The tourism industry experiences high and low seasons. This common trend means lower revenues for hoteliers.

Translating your website into multiple languages expands your reach, allowing you to tap into new revenue opportunities from non-traditional markets.

Different regions have different customs, which also applies to holidays and work ethics.

Therefore, it could be low season locally but a high season somewhere else.

With your website available in multiple languages, you’ll reach a wider international audience and get customers consistently regardless of the season.

Translation Makes Localization Possible

Translating your website is merely the first step towards reaching a foreign audience.

Translation will only take care of the content but not the local or cultural elements of the audience’s language.

To make your content resonate with the audience, you have to localize it with the help of website localization services

Localization goes hand-in-hand with translation services. Localization structures and makes your message appropriate for the intended audience.

Strengthen your Brand

Translating and localizing your hotel website content can significantly boost your brand and credibility outside the local arena.

When prospects see that you have made an effort to present your products and services in their native language, they tend to have confidence in what you offer.

Foreign audiences would rather do business with a company that addresses them in their native language.

Boost Your Ranking on Search Engine Results Pages 

Fifty-seven percent of online reservations are completed online.

This shows how important it is for your website to rank high on search engine results pages for specific keywords or queries.

Your website’s visibility on search results is key to scaling your travel business. 

Targeting keywords in various languages can help boost your rankings in different search results across foreign locations.

Addressing customers in their native languages can also help to boost your website conversions.

Take advantage of business translation services to get your hotel website translated into different languages.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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