How Much Does Academic Transcription Cost And What Determines The Pricing?

How Much Does Academic Transcription Cost And What Determines The Pricing?
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


In current times, professional transcription services have a high demand in the academic sector. These services are typically needed by researchers, students, professors, and more for transcribing audio and video interviews, seminars, lectures, conferences, etc.

However, if you are related to the academic sector and are planning to use an academic transcription service, you are probably looking into the cost of academic transcription and the factors that help determine it.

The key factor that determines the cost of a transcription job is the quality of the transcript. To ensure that you get accurate transcripts within the stipulated timeframe and in the desired format, you need to be careful about choosing your transcription provider.

Try to hire the best possible transcription service available within your budget which meets your desired criteria for best results.

9 Factors that Determine the Cost of Academic Transcription

1. Subject Matter

Academic transcription doesn’t just require good listening skills. It also requires the listener to understand the subject matter and the terms well to ensure an accurately transcribed document.

Typically, academic transcription requires a better understanding of the concerned subject or industry. 

As a result, academic transcription is usually costlier. For example, legal and medical transcription can often be more expensive compared to general transcription.

2. Audio Quality

To get good quality and accurate transcripts, you need to have a good quality audio recording in the first place. The clarity of the audio directly correlates to the quality of the transcription.

Also, if your audio quality is good, there’s minimal editing involved. You can also expect the entire audio transcription process will also take less time, and there will be minimal editing costs.

Poor audio quality generally requires expensive and supplementary editing as it will take more time to decipher.

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3. Audio Length

If you have longer audio that needs to be transcribed, your transcription cost would also be proportionately high.

Typically, you will need to pay per minute of the audio file to your transcription service provider.

However, if you have a lengthier recording with multiple silent pauses in it, you may prefer to pay per page. You might also opt to edit and delete the blank spaces before you submit the audio for transcription.

4. Number of Speakers

Your audio file may consist of a single speaker, a small group of speakers, or it could be a large panel discussion. If your audio file has multiple speakers, then it may be harder to transcribe.

Therefore, transcribing it might be more expensive than audio with a single speaker or one-on-one interview audio.

For example, if you are getting a focused group discussion transcribed, it would need more time, effort, and resources, and as a result, it would be costlier to transcribe.

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5. Accent

Transcribing an audio file whose speakers have a thicker accent is sometimes harder to decipher.

As a result, if you are getting an audio file with a thick accent transcribed, you will usually need to pay more for it as it will take closer attention to detail.

6. Transcription Style

Most Transcription services offer a default transcript style and have predetermined standard rates for transcription jobs.

However, if you need any changes in the transcription style or need certain adjustments to be made in the transcription process, you may need to pay more for the service.

Also, you will need to give special specific instructions to your transcription service provider to incorporate your specific requirements properly.

7. Turnaround Time

Another significant factor that determines the cost of transcription is the turnaround time.

If you have a large-scale transcription project, the best method to execute it is to plan well in advance so that only one professional transcriptionist or a transcription service provider would need to work on your project.

This is much more convenient than collaborating with multiple transcriptionists or service providers to transcribe a large project to meet the turnaround time needs.

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8. Editing

The editing style of a transcript is another major factor that determines the cost of transcribing audio.

Editing, proofreading complex terms and jargon, personalized formatting requirements such as a request for specific logos, headers, footers, and page lines, and numbers can be costlier to transcribe than a standard transcription job.

In contrast, larger font sizes, bigger page margins, and fewer lines can be less costly.

9. Timestamps

A timestamp is very useful for reference purposes, especially if your audio recording quality is not up to the mark. Adding timestamps to your academic audio transcription is a supplementary service.

Your academic transcription services provider can provide this as an add-on service with additional cost based on your timestamp requirements. 

To ensure high-quality and accurately transcribed documents, collaborate with a professional academic transcription service provider for best results.

Most professional academic transcription providers use skilled transcriptionists combined with the best technology available to deliver the best possible transcripts at reasonable prices.

Professional transcription providers can also customize their services based on your specific requirements and ensure data confidentiality.

Looking for academic transcription services? Contact us at GMR Transcription Services, Inc. to collaborate with our team of expert academic transcriptionists.

We offer affordable academic transcription services in a wide range of subjects customized to your specific requirements at affordable prices.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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