7 Reasons Why DTP Is a Vital Component in a Translation Project

7 Reasons Why DTP Is a Vital Component in a Translation Project
Julie Parker

Julie Parker


Desktop Publishing in Translation

If you have ever used a direct translation to try to get a point across, you know that it loses many of the nuances and meaning behind the words. The same is true for the layout and design. From the design to the words, a good DTP bridges the gaps that can be lost in direct translation.

1. DTP can be done in numerous file types, allowing your experts to work with the software they have instead of forcing a standardized format that does not work for everyone.

2. With greater flexibility of file types comes the ability to optimize your documentation and projects for any culture or language. Recommendations from people more familiar with the target culture means you are more likely to provide a look, feel, and content that connects better than a direct translation.

3. DTP helps to adjust your text to meet the restrictions of the page. An article in American English will be substantially shorter or longer than the translated version in German or Japanese. DTP expands and contracts text to fit established boundaries.

4. Having the right layout and editing for many different languages is necessary for making a good impression. DTP is adapted to help work within regulatory restrictions for the different languages and countries for which you are writing.

5. DTP is one of the best ways of saving time and money. You have the experts you need to make sure that you are getting the point across in the right words and presentation. Everything you need is in one place, so you won’t need multiple types of experts to complete the project.

6. The final review, including proofreading, provides the team a chance to see the full translation to ensure it looks and reads properly before it is completed. It gives the team a way to review and discuss the final results to make sure it meets the needs and expectations.

7. The final review is not part of the actual translation, which means it is easy to overlook. DTP helps to ensure that you take this last step into account.

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Julie Parker

Julie Parker

Julie Parker is the Transcription Supervisor for GMR Transcription Services, Inc, a leading U.S. transcription company based in Orange County, California. Julie has a true passion for effective verbal and written communication. She applies her passion to providing the excellent customer service and accuracy upon which GMR Transcription's clients depend. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, watching movies, and hosting dinner parties with friends.