Top 5 Businesses That Profit from Transcription Services

Top 5 Businesses That Profit from Transcription Services
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Business transcription is one of those services that you've likely seen offered by other companies but never taken advantage of. While it may not seem like something you need, the truth may be that transcription services can help your company grow and allow you to earn more money on a day to day basis.

Below, you'll find the top 5 businesses that can really benefit from hiring high-quality transcription services. While this list does provide companies that will benefit the most, just because your industry isn't on there, it doesn't necessarily mean transcription is a bad idea for you.

  1. Medical Industry

    Patient records are a big part of the medical industry, and in many doctors' offices and hospitals, it is doctors and nurses who write things down. These notes are generally transcribed and kept in files to ensure proper patient treatment and correct notes.

    Transcription can be a life-or-death matter when dealing with a sick patient in a hospital.

  2. Legal Services

    The legal field is perhaps the largest user of transcription services because they go through so many documents. Trial lawyers will also want to have court documents transcribed, saving them time and money instead doing it themselves.

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  3. Law Enforcement

    Like lawyers, police officers, and investigators go through a lot of paperwork and oral statements. Having these recorded statements transcribed is a great way to preserve them and make sure they are easy to recall.

    In many cases, statements given to police officers or investigators are used in court.
  4. Media Services

    Another big user of transcription services is the media. One big use is transcribing the contents of radio or television programs into documents that can be preserved and read later on. Both individuals and the broadcasting TV or radio station will want paper documents for legal purposes and for sales.

  5. Corporate Environments

    Corporate businesses go through tons of paper, both in terms of marketing materials and things sent to them by other companies. Internal memos are also a common source of transcription service use since they need to be preserved.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy is the Cofounder & President of GMR Transcription Services, Inc., a California-based company that has been providing accurate and fast transcription services since 2004. She has enjoyed nearly ten years of success at GMR, playing a pivotal role in the company's growth. Under Beth's leadership, GMR Transcription doubled its sales within two years, earning recognition as one of the OC Business Journal's fastest-growing private companies. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids.