10 Ways to Make Thanksgiving a Pleasant Event

10 Ways to Make Thanksgiving a Pleasant Event
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Thanksgiving is one of the friendliest days of the year, as it is usually celebrated with friends and family members who might not otherwise see each other throughout the year. Here are helpful hints for making Thanksgiving as pleasant as possible for your guests.

  1. Welcome Banner
    Create a timeless welcome banner that shows your gratitude. You can use stencils or scrap materials to make letters and glue them on poster board or a long roll of paper or cloth. Make your own customized greeting.

  2. Collect Memories
    Gather photos of your guests from the past year. You can request photos through email and then print them out to put on display or create a slide show on your computer.

  3. Add New Friends
    Invite people who would otherwise not get together with others. Thanksgiving gives you a chance to reach out to less fortunate individuals who can use the companionship.

  4. Use the Power of Social Media
    Send your gratitude to friends through email and social media. The great thing about internet communication is that it eliminates the cost of postage, which can add up if you have many people to acknowledge.

  5. Donate
    Donate to the needy. Contact a local charity that collects food, clothing, and gifts for the homeless in your community.

  6. Potluck Dinner
    Organize a potluck dinner. Ask guests to bring a food or drink item. At the end of the night, give leftovers away.

  7. Exchange Recipes
    Exchange recipes with friends and family members. Thanksgiving offers the chance to taste a wide variety of dishes that can be recreated for other gatherings throughout the year. Entire recipes can be written on index cards.

  8. Show gratitude to pets and birds
    Share food with your pets and birds. Let animals join in the celebration. It may be your last chance to show gratitude to birds for a while before they fly south for the winter!

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  9. Talent Show
    Plan a talent show. Find out which guests are musicians and invite them to bring their instruments to perform. Christmas carols are a great way to kick off the holiday season.

  10. Let Guests Speak
    Go around the room and let each guest talk about what Thanksgiving means to them. Have everyone share what they are grateful for.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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