Ways to Handle Difficult Family Members on Thanksgiving

Ways to Handle Difficult Family Members on Thanksgiving
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


One of the biggest understated problems with Thanksgiving is that you may have to deal with family members that bring friction to your life. The following information will help prepare you for dealing with family members who make your life uncomfortable.

Relative Share
Jimmy Kimmel offered a feature on his show called "Relative Share" that solves family problems during Thanksgiving. Relative Share is a service that sends your most annoying relatives away to spend time with other families. You won't have to eat with anyone that embarrasses you or gives you the creeps. It's an easy and convenient solution for $29.99, providing you with a preordered crate for shipping annoying family members to another family.

Set Up Different Rooms
Your family reunion should be set up so that there are different activities going on in different rooms. One room might be for watching movies while another room is for using the computer. Let each family member know that certain areas of the house need to be quiet so that noisy family members are contained in one area. Creating several environments gives you an edge over any one member ruining the entire experience.

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Competitive Games
One of the best distractions from family difficulty is to play competitive games such as chess or cards. Sports and games are the best ways to keep people focused on a team situation. Let the games, instead of family gossip, be the controversy. Find out which family members are the best at certain sports or board games.

Thanksgiving Party
Your family party should follow a schedule, especially if it is held at a venue. Divide the periods based on how the food will be served. Allow a certain period for people to socialize followed by dinner, dessert and entertainment. Stop serving alcohol in the early evening.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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