10 Creative Tips for Setting Up Your Christmas Tree

10 Creative Tips for Setting Up Your Christmas Tree
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Once you are sure your tree is perfect, the next step is setting it up to look amazing. Here are some creative tips for setting up your Christmas tree without making a hole in your pocket.

  1. Tree Stand:
    Don’t forget a tree stand because without it you cannot set up your tree. Remember, it should be big enough to hold water.

  2. Ribbons and Bow:
    Satin and velvet bows look beautiful on a Christmas tree. Sheer ribbons are also a great way to beautify your tree without breaking your budget.

  3. Wreaths:
    Traditionally wreaths are used for the front door. But you also can use wreaths for your Xmas trees. This year, think of placing an out-of-the-box wreath made of paper, balloons, lights, pines and evergreen branches and twigs.

  4. Garlands:
    Paper garlands are a great way to set up a Christmas tree without spending too much money. These paper garlands can be made in different colors using a variety of paper textures.

  5. Colored Balls:
    Ordinary glass balls can be sprinkled with glitter to add extra glamour and tied to the tree. You can use old balls and give them a spanking new look by painting them in festive colors.

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  6. Festive Jewelry:
    Without putting jewels, there is an incomplete feeling to the Christmas tree. You can put crystals, beads, pearls and even junk jewelry to add volume to your tree.

  7. Lighting:
    Individually wrap each branch with fairy light strands. Start from the top and run down till the last branch. One needs around 100 small bulbs each for a tree that is about 6 feet tall.

  8. Mobile Christmas Tree:
    To give additional effects, place the tree on a small cart with wheels and you have a mobile Xmas tree that you can place anywhere in your home.

  9. Tree Placement:
    Placement of the tree plays an important role in overall setting up of the tree. Placing the tree near the fireplace is traditional and beautiful. You can even place it at the doorway to give your home an inviting ambience.

  10. Creating the Ambience:
    Decorating the tree is not enough. Creating an ambience around it makes your task complete. So add small little things around the tree like stockings full of gifts and chocolates or a small cut out of Santa or elves. Let your imagination flow and you can create a festive surrounding seamlessly.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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