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Zoom is now one of the most used tools for meetings and business conversations. If your business often uses Zoom to conduct meetings, you may need Zoom transcription services to get your audios/videos transcribed into text. Transcribing your Zoom meeting is the best way to save all your conversations for future reference while ensuring you won’t miss out on any meeting details.

At GMR Transcription, we provide best-in-class Zoom transcription services at cost-effective rates. We understand the importance of providing high-quality industry-specific transcripts. That’s why we work with US-based transcriptionists. As your trusted and one-stop Zoom transcriptions provider, we offer a quick turnaround time and 99% precision on good-quality videos.

We have Zoom cloud integration, which means Zoom’s paid subscribers can import their Zoom audio/video meeting files directly to our portal to get them transcribed quickly

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Why Choose GMRT for Zoom Transcription?

  • Customized Transcripts
    Whether you want your meeting transcripts according to your specific company template or want name tags, timestamps, or other essential data included in the transcribed file, we can adapt it in your preferred format.
  • Quick Turnaround Time
    Same-day and next-day services are available.
  • 100% Human Transcribers
    We always employ US-based human transcribers to ensure error-free Zoom meeting transcripts.
  • 99% Accuracy
    We guarantee 99% accuracy for Zoom meeting files with good audio quality.
  • Data Security Assurance
    All our transcriptionists sign confidentiality agreements to ensure maximum data security. We also have a proprietary secure file management system.
  • Experience
    Our transcriptionists are experienced and specialized in transcribing video and audio files with multiple speakers, thick accents, low-speaking voices, and background noise.

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Our Zoom Meeting Transcription Services Rates

GMR Transcription provides affordable pricing options (with no hidden fees) for Zoom audio transcription services. Contact us today to learn more about pricing.

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Steps to Get Your Zoom Video and Audio Files Transcribed

Steps to Get Your Zoom Video and Audio Files Transcribed

Get your Zoom meeting files transcribed in just three simple steps:

  • Upload Files
    Create an account and upload your files. You can also import your recordings with our Zoom cloud integration feature. After uploading the file, choose a turnaround time to get an instant quote.
  • We Transcribe Your Files
    We’ll immediately start working after receiving your document. You can track the work progress by logging into your account.
  • Get Your Transcripts
    Once your work is complete, pay for your transcription and you can get the transcribed files by email or download them from your account.