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8 Reasons to Choose Only U.S based Transcriptionists

There are a variety of transcription companies all over the U.S. but do all of them have their work done in the U.S.? Not necessarily. One of the biggest problems facing the transcription industry is outsourcing. Outsourcing allows for a company to keep costs low and profit margins high, while in many cases your transcript quality and security is questionable. Below are 8 reasons why you should only trust a transcription company who employs only US based transcriptionists.

  1. Security.  Strict security protocols are imperative when it comes to keeping information safe, which is why using US based transcriptionists is so important. Working with companies where the transcription is done outside the US can be a gamble, as there is no guarantee of how your files, credit card information and personal details are stored and how they will be used. The last thing you would want is for your personal information getting into the wrong hands.
  2. Accuracy.  The importance of impeccable transcription cannot be understated. Transcriptions must be executed to the highest degree of accuracy. Using a U.S. based transcriptionist ensures someone who has a full command of the English language will be transcribing your audio. Things like lingo, grammar, punctuation, tense, and terminology will not fall on the way side.
  3. Confidentiality.   Data and information must be secured at all times so that they do not fall into illegitimate hands. Not only should files be stored on a secure server but all transcriptionists and staff should sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. When dealing with a company that outsources their transcription work to another country, sensitive information in your audios and transcripts are readily available. Even if a non-US based transcriptionists signs a confidentiality agreement, is it enforceable? Confidentiality agreements with US based transcriptionists are enforced by law, ensuring your information stays as safe as possible.
  4. Communication. Due to the time difference, many transcription companies based overseas are not available or even awake during normal business hours. You may call and no one answers or you get a voicemail. It may be hard to reach them if you have a question or concern or time sensitive material. Some can only be reached by email with a long response time. Working with a U.S. based transcription company means you will have a voice on the other end of the phone to answer all of your concerning questions, with no timely delay. Any special requests or transcript specifications will be handled with care and you can be rest assured that your order will not be held up due to unanswered questions.
  5. Reliability.   When the transcriptionist working on your audios is overseas, the whole process is unreliable. Imagine you have a time sensitive request for your transcript. The company may be there to take your request but the actual transcriptionist is working on the opposite time of day, so they will not receive your request until it’s too late. Also, if you are not happy with your transcript and it is not up to your standards, it is almost impossible to get a transcriptionist who is located outside the US to correct it and hold them accountable, whereas a U.S. based transcriptionists is much easier to track down and hold to your standards and their promises.
  6. Quality Control.  Having a fresh set of eyes to proof read transcripts ensures completion and accuracy. Many companies outside the US do not have such processes in place, as most of their employees are not native English speakers and therefore, do not have a full command of the English language.
  7. Professionalism.  Companies based overseas are always inexpensive to use so it may seem like the obvious choice, however, such companies are so affordable because they are able to pay their unexperienced transcribers a much lower rate than if they were to hire a U.S. based transcriber, who has the education and experience to support a higher pay. Using a U.S. based transcriber with such experience and education will ensure accuracy and professionalism.
  8. Experience. Since many large corporations, universities, and government agencies have no room for error, they only use U.S. based transcription companies and transcribers. With that being said, a U.S. based transcription company will have a lot of experience in dealing with large, time sensitive projects that require accuracy and confidentiality.

Red Flags

When calling around to get quotes beware of the following red flags

  • Rates of $1.00 per minutes or less
  • Says they have "mostly" US based transcriptionists
  • No answer or voicemail when you call
  • Representative is not knowledgeable or seems unsure
  • No phone number on their website
  • Representative sounds nervous or doesn’t give you a straight answer about having only US based transcriptionists
  • The company doesn't provision for re-doing transcripts you are not happy with.