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Podcast Transcription Services by GMR

Podcast Transcription
  • Increase your audience with content.
  • Turn your content into e-books.
  • Add value to your podcasts.
  • Make your content readable by search engines.
  • Accurate, affordable and reliable.
  • Select from three styles- completely verbatim, intelligent verbatim and edited transcript.
  • Totally US based.

Podcast Transcription Service Program

As a podcaster, you are already a thought leader. Have you thought about including transcripts of your podcasts in your show notes and blog posts?

Here are a few reasons for transcribing your podcast:

  • Recycle your content- The SMARTEST way to market and monetize your podcast without a significant investment is to recycle your podcast content. You can turn your most downloaded episodes into paid or FREE eBooks or resource guides for your audience. This is a method practiced by MANY podcast professionals!
  • Additional Traffic on Your Website- Posting transcripts on your website will allow you to have content for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to crawl and index. When your content is indexed, your site rankings will increase and you will be able to generate more traffic and grow your audience.
  • Offers Convenience- Your podcast listeners will enjoy having a text version side by side while listening for referencing and skimming. By providing this option for your audience, they will remember which podcasts are more user friendly than others.

You could TRY to do the transcriptions yourself BUT your time is better spent on the day to day tasks.

At GMR Transcription, we are the leading source for podcast transcription. We have transcribed THOUSANDS of podcast episodes for our clients, and we understand the importance of quality transcriptions at affordable rates.

Some of our #1 rated podcast transcription clients you may know:

  • John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire
  • Neal Schaffer of Maximize Your Social
  • Pamela Gay of Astronomy Cast
  • John Cocoran of Smart Business Revolution
  • Tim Reid of Smart Business Marketing
  • Dustin Hartzler of Your Website Engineer

We have a special discount transcription program available for podcasters. This discount will depend on the industry and audience size you have.

You must meet the following criteria to be accepted into the program:

  • Own a website
  • Have show notes/blog on your site
  • Host your audio podcasts on your show notes/blog
  • Release at least 2 podcasts per month

If you meet the following criteria, you are invited to apply for our podcast transcription program. Due to the high volume of applicants we receive, not everyone will be accepted.

Please fill the form below or call us.

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