Legal Deposition Transcription

About Deposition Transcription Services

At GMR Transcription, we have US-based human transcriptionists who can provide 99% accurate legal transcripts, customized to your company's template and legal format. Same-day or next-day delivery options are available. We keep strict confidentiality and our transcriptionists have signed non-disclosure confidentiality agreements. You can either have a portion or whole deposition transcribed through our deposition transcription service.

Our deposition transcription services are used by courts, law firms, court reporting agencies and corporate legal departments. The transcription is performed by our team of deposition and legal transcription professionals who are well trained in legal language and can carry out our verbatim transcriptions of all court depositions, interrogations, hearings, meetings, briefs, legal examinations, and more.

For any questions or to talk about your specific needs, give us a call and speak directly to our support team!

Why Choose GMR Transcription for Deposition Transcription?

Depositions using AI are quite limited in terms of accuracy, sometimes as low as 70% to 80%. They also cannot produce transcript in the legal formats courts require. With decades of experience and expertise, GMR Transcription's human transcriptionists can discern voice patterns, inflexion, and accents—even on difficult audio while providing transcript in the format you need.

  • Guaranteed 99% Accuracy
    We offer much higher accuracy on good quality audio than AI tools.
  • Customized Transcripts in Your Format
    Need a specific format for your project? No problem, just let our team know and we can meet your requirements.
  • Same-Day & Next-Day Services
    Exceptionally fast turnaround times to keep your office moving forward as efficiently as possible.
  • 100% US-Based Transcription
    All transcriptionists are located in the United States, providing accurate services you can trust.
  • High-Level of Security
    Information is secured and stored using an SSL-encrypted server. All our transcriptionists have signed legally binding confidentiality agreements and we have background checked transcriptionists available by request.

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Cost of Deposition Transcripts at GMRT

At GMRT, we offer the most competitive deposition transcription rates with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. If you want to
learn more about our pricing options, call us today.

Any Project Size, at your deadline.

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Steps to Get Your Deposition Files Transcribed

Steps to Get Your Deposition Files Transcribed

There are three simple steps involved in getting your deposition files transcribed. They include:

  • Register and upload your files:
    Create an account and upload your files. Once your file has been uploaded, choose a deadline and tell us more about the audio and any special instructions or template.
  • We start transcribing:
    Our transcriptionists will start working on your file as soon as we receive it. Our system has a tracking feature so you can check on our progress.
  • Get your transcript:
    Retrieve your transcripts by downloading them or having them emailed to you.