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 Legal Deposition Transcription

Preserve the evidence in your case with GMR Transcription’s legal deposition transcription services.
Depositions can make or break your case, so it is vital to make sure that every detail and word said is captured and transcribed. When it comes to depositions, it is essential to have an effective testimony to prove your case. As a legal professional, you know that there is absolutely no such thing as too much preparation for a deposition as long as it is done correctly.
Depositions are one of the most important parts of the legal process. When you need a testimony to support a motion, it is critical you have an accurate deposition transcript done by a legal transcription professional who understands the legal jargon including Latin phrases and case names.  In most cases, hiring an individual with general or no transcription experience will pose a huge issue if they do not understand legal jargon which may sound foreign to the average person. This will affect your transcript accuracy which could cost you your time, money, and even worse, your case!
Only a legal transcription professional would be able to offer you the high quality, accurate, verbatim transcript at any turnaround time that you need to win your case.
GMR Transcription has over a decade of experience working with legal professionals to transcribe depositions.  We fully understand the importance of deposition transcription and the impact it can have on your case.  Our team of expert legal transcribers understands ALL legal jargon and is here to provide you with accurate transcription services to meet any deadline.   
In working with many different law firms, county courts, private investigators, and even individuals compiling evidence independently, our extensive experience makes us a reliable source for deposition transcription services.  
We will:

  • Work with a variety of media and languages
  • Guarantee 99% accuracy on transcripts
  • Work with you to produce a court-ready certified transcript
  • Transcribe your deposition in any format or template you need

We’re here to help you win your case. Register and upload your audio files for deposition transcription today!