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Court tapes transcription is a unique and highly specialized transcription domain often requiring multiple skill sets as well as a thorough understanding of the legal process. The nature of court trials, full of legal jargon with multiple people speaking, requires experienced transcriptionists at the top of their game. Further complicating matters is that court proceedings often combine a multiple of trial participants speaking at the same time using legal terms beyond the knowledge of most people.

The transcription of court tapes plays an essential role in the trial process, requiring perfect execution of witness testimonies, questions from attorneys, and instructions from the judge on the case. The importance of the perfect rendering of transcriptions lies in the fact that missing or misinterpreting a single word or phrase can drastically alter the significance of the transcription's content. It's also possible for errors such as these to influence the outcome of the trial.

The rendering of highly accurate court tapes transcriptions requires talented transcriptionists who possess a broad range of skills. These skills include the ability to understand heavy accents, a thorough understanding of court proceedings, and the ability to decipher who is speaking, especially when trial participants are speaking over one another.

For GMR Legal Transcription to deliver the highest standard possible on every court tape transcription, each one is subjected to our four step quality assurance process. While it's rare that corrections are ever required, each court tape transcription is re-verified, proofread, reviewed, and corrected if necessary.

GMR Legal Transcription treats every transcription with the highest level of confidentiality based on strict in-house policies regarding disclosure and document control. These internal controls and processes allow for an extremely convenient two step submission process for your court tapes as well as delivery of completed transcriptions on a timeframe suited to your needs. Additionally, we offer a transparent and predictable rate schedule which allows you to budget and bill prior to submission.

By combining these features with our dedication to delivering the highest quality court tape transcriptions possible, the team at GMR Legal Transcription can meet all of you court tape transcription needs.

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