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Press Release / Date: Thu, Sep 10, 2009

GMR Transcription Services, Inc., announced a new unique subscription program today for its clients. This program is great for those who need short recordings, totaling close to an hour or more transcribed each month. It combines affordability with convenience. GMR Transcription, known for its legendary 98% accuracy guarantee, will do the transcript within a turnaround time of 48 hours.

Mr. Ajay Prasad, President of GMR Transcription, said, "This subscription program was designed to make our 48-hour TAT services more affordable to our regular clients. We are able to offer this excellent value service because we will be able to offer qualified transcriptionists ongoing transcription work and save on administrative costs."

Beth Worthy, Director of Operations for GMR Transcription , added, "This subscription offer will definitely help our regular clients and even new clients who need at least an hour of transcription each month. Our subscription program starts at $99 per month for transcription of up to one hour of dictation and lowers the rates if you subscribe for more than five hours with 98% accuracy and 100% confidentiality. The best part of this program is you can cancel it at any point of time with a 30 day notice."

To take advantage of this service, customers will need to subscribe to our transcription program and get their transcript sent by email or in their folder within two days of the file transfer.

How it works:

  • We will send a simple document to start a subscription.
  • Upon receipt of the registration, GMR Transcription will send login information to the site and a call-in number if the customer has subscribed to its call-in transcription service.
  • Customers will log in and upload their recording using the website interface, or Call in the number given to them.
  • Our expert transcriptionists will transcribe the recordings within two working days
  • We will send transcripts either through email or add them to the client folder to be downloaded in the future.
  • In case you have any questions regarding our new program, please call-714-731-9000 | 714-202-9653 or fill the contact form.

About GMR Transcription Services, Inc

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