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Press Release

California Transcription Company, GMR Transcription Services Inc. is creating more US based Transcription Jobs.

Bringing little bit of cheer to middle class America affected by pink slips, recession and cut backs, GMR Transcription announced its expansion plans and requirements for more American transcriptionists.

Ajay Prasad, president and CEO said “Unlike companies that outsource transcription to transcriptionists based in other countries GMR Transcription has always hired American transcriptionists for the general transcription services it provides to over 1,000 customers. It was slightly difficult to stick to that policy for the past two years during the recession. But we did it without decreasing payment to transcriptionists or raising rates to its clients through increased efficiency. We feel proud that by hiring American work force during the times of recession we could make some contribute to the US economy. Now with the economy showing signs of revival our business volume is increasing and we are hiring more transcriptionists again.”

Beth Black, Director, GMR Transcription Services Inc. said, “We offer a 98% accuracy guarantee on clear audio transcriptions. This is possible because we hire the best American transcriptionists who are familiar with accents and nuances of American languages and are diligent and proud of their work.” We have transcriptionists from all over the US in our panel and this system works very well with us. We offer competitive rates by increasing our efficiency and streamlining other processes.”

A transcriptionist’s job is home based with flexible working hours. Moreover, a transcriptionist can choose the desired hours of work. To apply click on the link:

Should you have any inquiries regarding the GMR Transcription or if you would like to set up a conference call session with us, please contact:

Beth Black, Director
GMR Transcription

About GMR Transcription Service

GMR Transcription Service is a transcription service company focused on affordable & accurate transcription of lectures, focus groups, board meetings, 1on1 interviews, legal depositions, dictation, sermons, conferences, Psychiatrist and Psychologist sessions, and other similar projects. Its services are ideal for Professors, Students, Market Researchers, Preachers, Law Offices & Lawyers, Small & Large Businesses, Insurance Companies and Writers.

Headquartered in Tustin, CA, GMR Transcription works through its panel of transcriptionists based in the US, UK, Canada and India.

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