Approaching Deadline For College Scholarship Provided By GMR Transcription

Press Release

Date: Thu, Oct 04, 2012

The deadline for GMR Transcription's annual scholarship program is almost here, with applications being accepted until October 15, 2012. The program will award 25 scholarships, including 5 $500 education grants, online transcription training and certification ($399 value), and guaranteed part-time work for college students.

GMR Transcription, a leading provider of accurate and affordable transcription services around the globe, has also announced that this will be an annual program because of the enthusiastic reception it has received.

How it Works:

  • Sign up and fill out the short application until October 15, 2012.
  • You'll receive an email on October 15, 2012, with specific details and log-in credentials.
  • Complete the free online transcription training course through the Transcription Certification Institute, a $399 value.

Scholarship Awards:

  • The first 5 to complete the course will receive a $500 grant and a Certificate in Transcription.
  • The next 20 will receive a Certificate in Transcription.
  • All 25 will receive (optional) guaranteed part-time work as independent transcriptionists.

The online transcription course takes 5-10 hours to complete and is created by industry leaders to provide an in-depth understanding of transcription. Being certified in transcription enables college students to learn a new set of skills, beef up their resumes, and earn a rewarding salary from the comfort of their own homes. All 25 finalists are guaranteed part-time work with GMR Transcription, whichmeans providing transcription services for clients across many different industries.

"I am pumped for this scholarship and love how it's kind of like a competition with other applicants," said UCLA sophomore and applicant Zach Hayden. "I've done some transcription work in the past and like it because it's interesting and varied, enables you to choose how many projects you want to take on and when you want to do them, and probably most importantly, it pays very well. And what I like about this scholarship is that it's basically worth $900 with the stipend and certification, gives me another expertise to show future employers and guarantees me to work so I can help pay for my tuition."

GMR Transcription has received a positive response from the scholarship program and, as a result, decided to offer it annually.

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