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GMR Transcription Presents Rewarding Scholarship for College Students

GMR Transcription is inaugurating an annual scholarship program for college students, which includes online transcription training and guaranteed part-time work, beginning on October 15th, 2012. There will be 25 scholarship recipients, with the first 5 that complete the training course receiving a $500 stipend to be used towards their educational pursuits.

GMR Transcription, a global leader in providing accurate and affordable transcription services, is excited to announce its new scholarship program for college students, to be held on October 15th each year. The scholarship opportunity includes free online transcription training through the Transcription Certification Institute, a $399 value, and guaranteed part-time work after completion.

The first 25 college students who complete the course successfully will be awarded an official Certificate of Transcription, with guaranteed part-time work as an independent contractor transcriptionist from GMR Transcription. The first 5 students who become certified will be granted a $500 stipend to be used towards their education.

“I have a son in college, and as all parents know, I am always pushing him to apply for as many scholarships as possible,” said Ajay Prasad, Founder and President of GMR Transcription. “This scholarship we’re setting up is ideal for college students because it enables them to add a very dynamic skill set to their résumés, get guaranteed part-time transcription work with very rewarding pay during college, and the first 5 who successfully complete the course will each be awarded $500 to put towards their college education. I’m very excited about this, especially as a college dad.”

The transcription company will be holding its scholarship program every year starting on October 15th, although they may decide to offer the scholarship earlier next year. Students are welcome to apply for the scholarship throughout the year and will receive an email with details for completing the transcription training on October 15th.

With 25 students becoming Certified Transcriptionists and securing guaranteed part-time work and 5 receiving a $500 educational grant, GMR Transcription is doing its part to help college students equip themselves with skill sets and resources for an exciting future.

About GMR Transcription

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