GMRT On Fox Business News And Headline News Network

Press Release

Date: Thu, Sep 10, 2009

California based Transcription Services Company: GMR Transcription Services, Inc., was featured on the Fox Business News and Headline News networks in early June, 2010. The company was selected for its innovative use of technology to create a new business. GMR Transcription provides transcription services for its over 2,100 client all over the world and use over 150 independent transcriptionists located in literally all 50 US states.

Senator Fred Thompson of Inside Business introduced the company on Fox Business News and Headline News Network, and discussed modern technologies related to audio recordings and transcription. Senator Thompson introduced the company by stating that "In today's rapidly evolving world, success is defined by turning challenges and opportunities. Complex problems of today can become success of tomorrow. Productivity and efficiency are the bench marks for every organizational success."

Audio recording has greatly advanced since Thomas Edison's experiment. It has come a long way and now most of the recording is done in digital format. This trend, along with wide availability of broadband, has resulted in an opportunity for transcriptionists to transcribe recording done literally anywhere in the world.

Beth Worthy, Director of operations at GMR Transcription said "Digital Technology has become an important tool for many businesses and individuals including academics, legal and insurance sectors. It enables us to hire transcriptionists located anywhere in US & Canada. Transcriptionists worked from the transcription company offices before the advent of digital recording. As a result, we have devised tests before hiring. We now prefer certified transcriptionists from general transcription training programs."

Sabrina Vasta, a qualified transcriptionist for Orange County California based GMR transcription , said "I love typing and I always have, transcription is a great gift for me. I was a graduate student in St Mary and for the past four years, I could easily transcribe after my classes, during my breaks, vacations etc. Now I have graduated and I am doing a full time internship .But because I work from home, I can easily transcribe in evenings and weekends."

GMR Transcription provides academic, business, legal, medical transcription services along with Spanish transcription and translation. As the need for transcription grows, the transcription service industry is also growing simultaneously.

About GMR Transcription Services, Inc

GMR Transcription is a transcription Service company focused on affordable & accurate transcription of lectures, focus groups, board meetings, 1-on-1 interviews, legal depositions, dictation, sermons, conferences, insurance professionals, videos, Podcasts, Psychiatrist and Psychologist sessions, and other similar projects. Its services are ideal for Professors, Students, Market Researchers, Preachers, Law Offices & Lawyers, Small & Large Businesses, Insurance Companies and Writers.

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