GMR Transcription Publishes a Report on Best Practices Observed by Transcription Companies to Help Clients Select Right Company for Transcription Services

Press Release

Date: Mon, June 21, 2010

California based Transcription Services Company: GMR Transcription Services, Inc., has compiled a report on the best practices observed by superior transcription companies. The report is titled: "Eleven Characteristics to consider as "Must Haves" When Hiring a Transcription Service" is designed to help customers identify the right company for their transcription needs.

The report covers the best practices followed by professional transcription companies to ensure a glitch free and accurate transcript of your audio file, while also ensuring your privacy. It is a must read for businesses and institutions that need transcription services on a regular basis, as well as for people looking to get their recording transcribed just once.

Beth Worthy, Director of Operations for GMR Transcriptions said, "Professional transcription companies must follow certain practices to ensure a smooth upload experience for clients, smooth allocation process to transcriptionists, and equally smooth quality assurance and transcript delivery process. The process needs to be combined with a privacy process such that transcriptionists must never have access to client details. A well run Transcription Company is like a well-oiled machine where all parts need to work flawlessly in order to create great products consistently."

Ajay Prasad, President of GMR Transcription said, "we hope that this report will help our clients and businesses select the right transcription services company easily and save them the heartburn that too often happens with the selection of wrong transcription companies."

With the growth of web-based transcribing services as a result of internet, it is getting harder to identify one company from another; especially since all of them say the same things about their accuracy etc. On the other hand, the popularity of transcription services by different professionals requires has simultaneously increased the requirements of transcriptionists’ expertise. The report points out that a good transcription company employs professional transcriptionists that have gained knowledge, expertise and experience in their respective field, and match them with appropriate transcription projects of their clients. Trained transcription professionals know the industry standards, follow them strictly, and produce high quality transcripts consistently.

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