GMRT Upgrade Its Conference Call Transcription

Press Release

Date: Wed, Jan 27, 2010

California based Transcription Services Company, GMR Transcription Services, Inc., announced the upgradation of conference call or phone call transcription.

Beth Worthy, transcription supervisor of GMR Transcription said, “These days you will see lots of conferences happening in various industries. All most all fields right from medical industry to automobile industry to airline industry have their conferences and they need their conferences to be transcribed for further reviews. Due to demand we are upgrading our conference call transcription page. Get your phone call or conference call transcribed with 98% accuracy within your timeframe.”

Our conference call transcription is quite affordable. You can check our rates. Get your transcription done at the most affordable rates and with 98% accuracy guarantee on clear audios. Our transcribers provide accurate transcriptions covering every minute detail of your conference.

Conferences are events organized by various association, individual, publication or private company for the purpose of networking, education or to discuss a business topic with a range of speakers. Transcribed text refreshes the memory of the call and it's easy to make follow up notes in the transcript later.

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