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FAQ for Applicants

Only applicants who apply though the Careers section of our website will be considered. Please do not call our offices; your question can most likely be answered here!

We are always looking for well qualified typists for general transcription. We are also always looking to hire well qualified typists for Spanish transcription and translation. We DO NOT hire for medical or legal transcription.

We do not disclose pay rates until you are hired. The pay rates are based on the turnaround time, number of speakers, and quality of audio.

We ask that our typists accept at least 4 hours worth of audio each month. We do have a lot of work to offer, so if you are willing to take the work, we have a lot to give out. We let you know what work is available and the details (pay rate, due date, etc.) and you let us know if you would like to take it.

We do not require any experience, but because we guarantee our clients 99% accuracy, we have a very strict grading policy. We find that most people passing our tests have years of experience or have been certified in general transcription.

Please go to www.gmrtranscription.com and click on the Careers tab on home page just below services . There, you will be able to submit your resume. Once you submit your resume, you will be emailed the test and instructions on how to take and submit it.

The test is automatically sent after you submit your resume, so we cannot email it to you again. First, make sure you selected "Yes" to "Are you willing to take a short test?" when you uploaded your resume. Second, check your Spam or Junk folder in your email. The system only accepts one email address per applicant, so you can try again with another email address. The typists that we hire must have reliable email accounts, so if you are not receiving our emails, you will not be able to work with us.

The audio files are in a zipped file format. You can download a free program called PeaZip in order to open the files. You can find this program by Google searching for "PeaZip".

The email that is automatically sent to you ALWAYS has an attached zipped folder with all the instructions and templates that you will need. Save the folder to your computer, and open the files to view them. We will automatically fail anyone who does not submit the test transcript in our standard format. All formatting questions can be answered in the Style Guide, template, and letter with directions that is in the attached packet.

Go back to the Careers section of the website, or go to this link: uploadTestTFile You will need your email address and "Voice File Id" that was given to you in the email that has all the testing materials. Once you log in,you will be able to upload you test transcript. Make sure that it is in ".doc" format.

If we would like to hire you, you will be contacted within 2 weeks. If you do not hear from us, that mean we would NOT like to offer you a contract.

Yes, all new typists must complete 2 hours worth of audio before receiving paid work. During this probation period, we will be carefully proofreading your work to ensure that your transcripts are up to our standards.