YouTube Marketing: Tips, Strategies, and Best Marketing Practices for 2021

YouTube Marketing: Tips, Strategies, and Best Marketing Practices for 2021
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Let’s focus on the pool of marketing opportunities businesses are getting from YouTube. If you are using the internet, then chances are you are already spending a significant amount of time streaming videos one after another!

YouTube, since its creation, has been a great source of entertainment.

However, today, it has transformed into a robust marketing platform that no marketer wants to miss out on.

Therefore, most marketers (55%) use YouTube as a part of their marketing strategy today. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on YouTube advertising.

All you need to do is create a good channel that regularly uploads good quality content that suits your target market. This is sufficient to get the attention, clicks, and eyeballs you need to increase your customer base.

Here are some key YouTube Marketing Practices used by successful marketers to keep their audience engaged.

Creating Great Channel Layouts and Organizing Your Video Content

1. Be Consistent in Uploading Content

Posting your content consistently would help keep your feed active and boost your YouTube presence while building an audience base.

Aim for uploading a video once a week, but the right content and frequency of upload depend on the audience's nature and your goals.

One great way to upload videos is by creating a short version of long-form content—design a theme around each video and post-bite-sized versions of that theme every week.

2. Create a Catchy YouTube Title

Create compelling titles so that the audience clicks on them. YouTube title character limit is around 100, but around 50-55 is where they start cutting off the text on the desktop. You can use these 55 characters to write your cliffhanger.

You also need to ensure that titles adequately contain your primary keywords. Another great way is to explore the benefits of YouTube Transcription in boosting YouTube SEO.

3. Design the Right Thumbnail

Designing a "head-turning" thumbnail is equally important to creating a catchy YouTube Title. The latest trend is using red circles and arrows in YouTube Thumbnails. Thumbnails help to catch many eyeballs and clicks.

However, ensure that your viewers do not feel that they are being tricked into viewing your video. Your thumbnail should reflect your content accurately and not appear as clickbait.

4. Include Logo

To expand yourself as a brand, adding your logo to the thumbnail would be a great way to begin.

That way, even if your videos are not getting enough clicks, it still helps to spread awareness of your brand.

Cross-Promote Other Channels: Additionally, reach out to other similar channels to cross-promote or collaborate in a mutually beneficial way.

How Does YouTube SEO Increase Traffic?

1. Creating Great Descriptions

You should put adequate keywords in the description to get a good ranking.

However, keywords must never appear forced and must be added in a natural tone. You can include your primary keywords in videos and closed captions as well. YouTube Description has a character limit of 5000.

That does not mean you type in an overtly lengthy description! Use as much as required only. You can also transcribe your YouTube video in the description section.

It would help in better optimizing your content for search engines. Avoid forcing keywords or unnecessary content in your videos. This makes your videos appear spammy and untrustworthy.

2. Add Closed Captions

Have you ever tried searching a movie clip by one of its catchy dialogues and found the exact same clip on YouTube?

Adding a catchy phrase to the caption would help you do just that. You can use the automatic captioning option on YouTube or use transcripts to create the captions.

3. Use YouTube Tags

Using tags gives more preference to important terms first. You can double-quote primary keywords and blend them with long-tail keywords.

You must provide enough tags to describe the type of content you upload accurately.

Attract Attention to Comments, Likes, and Subscriptions: Always encourage your audience to like, comment, and subscribe to your channel.

That's because all these actions would lead to greater audience engagement. Creators and marketers use these three words so much that they are now stuck in people's heads like a chorus.

Tips to Create Good YouTube Videos

1. Generate a Great and Sustainable Viewer Attention

The first few seconds of the video are crucial in getting the audience hooked. Create the initial seconds of the video as if you are creating an ad.

YouTube ads need lots of effort and creativity, so the audience doesn't skip it just after five seconds.

Similarly, your video content must be worthy of the audience’s attention so they would want to keep watching for more.

2. A Strong and Rewarding Call to Action Strategy

YouTube CTAs are limited to like, comment, and subscribe, but the tricky part is to make the audience do all three of them.

Here are some tips on getting started with compelling CTA:

  • Like/ Share: Ask viewers to like, share and comment on your videos, so they reach more platforms and gain more views.
  • Subscribe: Give a reason to subscribe to your videos.
  • Comment: Encourage your viewers to share their views in the comment section.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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