HTML Translation: Understanding the Process

HTML Translation: Understanding the Process
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a markup language that enables content to be displayed on web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and others. Every online webpage is built with some form of HTML.

The Basics of HTML
Programming languages follow a set of syntax's defined specifically for them. In some cases, syntaxes in different languages may be similar. HTML is the simplest programming language.

For any content to be displayed on a web browser, it has to be enclosed between HTML tags. Tags are simply elements that define how a particular content should be output in a browser. Examples of HTML tags include the paragraph "<p>", bold "<b> or <strong>", italicize "<i>", and underline "<u>" tags.

When plain content is enclosed inside a tag, the browser will output it based on the definition of the tag. For example, a plain text enclosed between the "<p>" tag will appear as a paragraph.

Usually, two sets of tags are needed to enclose the content. There is an opening tag and a closing tag. For example, a text that is to be output as a paragraph will be enclosed between "<p>" and "</p>". Note the “/” in the latter element, which designates it as the closing tag.

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HTML Language Translation
Today, businesses that work in multiple geographic regions are finding it prudent to reach their target customers in different locations through their native languages. Most businesses are making their websites available in different languages.

Companies can use automatic translation tools like plugins to translate their websites to different languages. However, plugins cannot detect nor translate HTML. Thus, using them for translation may leave you with a jumbled-up website. Moreover, language is dynamic and some expressions cannot be direct-translated and bring out the same meaning.

The best way to translate your website is to use professional human translators who can bring out your message correctly. Human translators understand HTML tags and will translate your website correctly, inputting the HTML tags where needed to ensure your audience gets your message right.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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