How Academic Transcription Can Benefit Online Learning?

How Academic Transcription Can Benefit Online Learning?
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Academicians worldwide have been urging for a major overhaul of the current education system.

However, doing so is not only challenging to imagine but also very difficult to execute. There is no doubt that online learning has become the new normal in the education system.

This transition to online education as the new normal took place over the last several months. All over the world, students have had their routines disrupted.

As fun and exciting, as it was to study alongside our classmates in the same classroom, new circumstances have forced us to work differently.

The need of the hour was and still is to adapt to the new normal of education which is studying online through video conferences.

Who would have thought that we would be forced to reorganize the education system? 

4 Ways Academic Transcription Can Benefit Online Learning

Online learning seems to be the direct option to this new normal of education. But it is not as direct as it may seem.

Online education is only a part of the reorganization process of the current education system. For now, it will keep the education process running.

Transcription services can help make online education seamless and increase accessibility. Academic transcriptions are as much part of the new normal of education as any other thing.

Effective use of academic transcription services helps students acquire notes of the entire online class. It helps with research and translations as well.

Research translation can help students gain access to research and study materials written in different languages quickly.

Here are four crucial aspects we must look for to make this transition smooth:

1. A Shift of Physical Space - Public to Personal

Learning has started to happen in one's personal space, i.e., homes and other places of residence.

The transition of space was always there since the internet was made accessible, but we still needed schools and colleges for learning.

Now, the interactions have moved from the physical to the virtual world. Everything we did when going to class is still happening but virtually, e.g., lectures, team projects, group discussions, etc. 

All learning activities are being conducted virtually. Our learning communities have remained the same, and only the channel has changed.

With this shift in the channel, often due to certain external circumstances like internet outages or power cuts, we may lose our lessons too.

This is why using academic transcription services will help. You can record your lessons and later get them transcribed to keep as notes for studying at your own pace. 

2. A Shift in Teaching Methods

The typical teaching method was one size fits all. Same lectures, activities, and assignments - despite the varying learning abilities of the students. This can be changed by using online platforms.

Teachers can use individualized methods with their students to help them learn at their own pace without affecting the curriculum.

Moreover, teachers can prepare lessons according to the student’s learning abilities. This can help students learn and master their lessons at their own pace.

They can also provide academic transcriptions of their lessons to students for later reference. 

3. Active Participation of Family

With learning happening from personal space, families can be active agents in the learning process. They can act as facilitators and help with the learning process.

They can give real-life examples and help the students learn better. Their guidance and assistance can make the learning process pleasant for the students.

Transcriptions play an active role here as well. Family members can go through academic transcriptions and help their children understand the lesson better. 

4. A Shift in Assessment 

With the new normal in education, it is impossible to evaluate students using the earlier usual ways of taking final exams.

Formative Assessments are a far better way to assess the learning progress of students.

It will help teachers evaluate the students better compared to the final exam evaluation system. It also allows students to learn from their mistakes prior to the next assessment.

Apart from all this, transcriptions are also actively used by students for research purposes.

A lot of research transcriptions and academic translations are available for students to understand concepts better. Online learning is the new normal in today’s education system.

So it’s best to adapt to the new normal and enjoy the perks that it gives us.

After all, learning through any method helps us to become a better person. Firms specializing in academic translation services can help educational institutions reach out to students hailing from diverse language and cultural backgrounds.

GMR Transcription has been helping eLearning platforms and universities by transcribing their video/audio sessions and translating their books/courses/research papers for their international students.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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