How a Transcriptionist Can Help Your Focus Group

How a Transcriptionist Can Help Your Focus Group
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Hosting focus groups is considered important for appraising the business performance and charting its vision. A focus group can help a business learn about its product and brand perceptions. It's one of the most interactive forms of research.

How a Transcriptionist Can Help Your Focus Group

Since a focus group involves documenting a wealth of information, it's useful to hire a transcriptionist who can help you record the information of the proceedings for reviewing later and gaining insights from.

Focus Group Challenges
One of the main challenges involved with managing a focus group is that it can produce a lot of varied results that may not be easily interpreted. The main task is to utilize the information as efficiently as possible.

Organizations That Use Focus Groups:

  • Market Research Companies
  • Training Services
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Universities For Academic Research
  • Firms Using Teleconferencing

Direct Communication With Target Market
If the focus group is a sample based on the target market, it can provide instant feedback about your product or service and indicate where it needs improvement. Due to the interactive nature of focus group communication, it's helpful for a transcriptionist to gather opinions, suggestions and ideas that can help improve the product.

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Notes and Recording
While it may not be necessary to transcribe every word of a focus group discussion, you may find it helpful to have a transcriptionist take notes. Otherwise, recording a focus group using digital video or audio equipment is the most efficient way to preserve discussions. To maximize a transcription, it should exist as both a recording and searchable text.

Organizing Focus Group Comments
The transcriptionist can help make sense of volumes of information that is generated by a focus group. The information can be transcribed to text and then organized by topics.

The formatting of the text can easily identify the moderator and other speakers. By keeping the formatting consistent, the text is presented in a well-organized fashion.

Fast Turnaround Time
One of the many advantages of using a transcriptionist for a focus group is that you can have a transcript in your hands in a matter of days.

Usually, every hour of recorded material takes about 4 to 8 hours to transcribe and proof. Since most transcriptionists work from home and set their own schedules, it's always a good idea to plan any type of transcription in advance.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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