5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Ignite Small Legal Firms' Productivity

5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Ignite Small Legal Firms' Productivity
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


One of the best ways of boosting productivity at your law firm is by leveraging technology. There are various legal software you can use to streamline everyday administrative tasks. For example, some software can automate various tasks to save you time and money.

Take a look at your legal firm. What are some of the activities that have to be done on a daily basis? These activities are prime candidates for improving your productivity.

Using technology can improve efficiency in your practice. Below are 5 technology solutions you can use to enhance work output in your law firm.

Practice Management Software

Any busy law firm needs practice management software. When running a law firm, you want to concentrate on your core business: handling clients’ cases. However, most of the time you find yourself handling multiple tasks not related to representing your clients. Examples of the tasks you may be handling include:

  • Creating invoices
  • Paying vendors
  • Managing cases and clients

Such tasks can take a lot of your productivity time. To prevent this, find a suitable practice management application to use.

There are specific practice management software that can automatically handle everyday activities of a typical practice. These software can generate invoices and receipts, keep track of appointments, and organize your client case files.

Using practice management software can improve productivity in your firm, help you stay organized, and lower your costs.

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Calendar and Notes App

When you have a busy practice, keeping track of appointments can be a hassle. Moreover, you do not want potential clients to miss appointments as this means losing revenue. To avoid this, use a calendar and notes app.

Calendar software will help you keep track of upcoming appointments with your clients. You will know beforehand which clients to expect and what the discussions will be about. The app can also help you plan your weeks better.

Note taking is another area where you can leverage technology for the benefit of your firm. Sometimes, you will have to carry out investigations to build a strong case for your client. In such instances, you may need a note taking app that will not only allow you to write, but also attach pictures and video clips.

Most note taking smartphone apps can be synced with multiple devices, including laptops. You can also share the notes with your colleagues in real time for discussions.

Document Production Software

Documents will always be a part of the legal industry. Every day, law firms produce dozens of documents related to specified industries, client cases, court determinations, and so on. Document production is an ongoing thing.

When working with clients, you may take notes using a recorder. You may then want the notes transcribed for distribution to other partners or for record keeping.

You can hire a legal transcription services company to do the work for you. Working with a professional is better as you can be sure of the accuracy of the information transcribed.

Instead of bombarding your interns with audio notes to transcribe, save time by using a transcribing app or outsourcing the work to a transcription company.

Mobile Applications

Today, lawyers need to work on the go. It is common for lawyers to take cases home or work from hotels. Using mobile apps can make it easy for your partners to work from any place and at any time.

There are a number of basic mobile communication apps your practice should be using. These include:

  • Email management e.g. Gmail
  • Document storage e.g. Dropbox
  • Taking notes e.g. Evernote

It’s important to have security protocols with regards to accessing work data from remote mobile devices. Make sure employees are only authorized to access the apps or data they are entitled to.

Using mobile applications is important for today’s attorneys. Email apps will ensure you do not miss any important information that may come to you regarding a case. Other apps you may use on a regular basis include current news apps and legal laws apps.

Customer Service Management

Managing customers is another task that takes valuable time you could use on cases. To make customer management easy, use tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) or social media sites.

Today, most people look for legal firms on social media to ask questions about representation, cases and so on. You can open a Facebook page for your firm to handle general client inquiries.

For prospective customers, Facebook can be a good lead generation avenue. You can use it to educate your prospective clients about your services. You only need to spend a few minutes each day to address any inquiries raised through social media sites.

The above are five tech solutions you can use to improve your firm’s productivity.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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