9 Podcast Ideas for Beginners in 2022

9 Podcast Ideas for Beginners in 2022
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


A podcast is a collection of audio episodes focused on a single theme or topic that can be listened to on streaming platforms like Spotify and Stitcher.

However, a podcast without direction will not get very far. This article discusses tips you can use to launch your podcast.

Podcasts are a fantastic method to share your ideas and opinions on various topics. The perfect podcast topic is one that you are enthusiastic about and/or have experience with.

And the most basic podcast tip that anyone can give you is to have a good set of equipment.

You should have adequate tools and software for recording and editing your podcast, including mixers, microphones, headphones, video calling software, etc.

However, you need more than sophisticated technology to draw your target audience to your podcasts

Check Out These 9 Podcast Ideas for Beginners Below:

1. Plan Well and Set a Target Audience

The easiest method to break into the podcasting market is to focus on a specific demographic. If you're a parent, you might want to target other parents. This can be further narrowed down to parents of toddlers or teenagers.

Based on your audience, plan well for your podcast and ensure you have content for at least 10-15 future episodes. Once you do that, shoot them and get the content ready to ensure a steady flow of episodes.

2. Discuss Your Favorite Topic

Do you have a favorite book, TV show, or film series? If that's the case, this is a good place to start.

You may have observed details that other fans have missed, or you may have a unique viewpoint on what happened or will happen in the plot you can share through your podcast.

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3. Tell a Story

Strange and interesting events can occur anywhere. Perhaps you've recently returned from a long stint in the hospital or have traveled to an unusual location and have some bizarre tales to tell.

Perhaps you were at home when your child did something totally absurd. Almost anything can become a terrific narrative with decent and dynamic retelling.

4. Give Recommendations

If you've traveled a lot or simply enjoy exploring new things and places, this is an excellent place to start. People are constantly looking for new places to visit and restaurants to try.

Don't just make a simple recommendation, though. Discuss why and provide persuasive arguments for your listeners to try out for themselves.

5. Review Events, Movies, Plays, or Books

There are always a variety of ongoing activities such as sporting events, concerts, festivals, etc. If you enjoy attending such events or watching them on television, this is the topic for you. You can also select to recap episodes or chapters from your favored show or book.

6. Promote Your Business

One approach to utilizing your podcast is publicizing your own company. Talk about your products if you own a tech company. If you own an antique shop, tell them about the products you're selling.

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7. Interview Other Podcasters

You give other podcasters publicity when you interview them and ask them questions about what they talk about. Therefore, you'll be the go-to podcaster for discovering new and useful podcasts.

It's a win-win situation!

8. Interview Specific Groups of People

Finding new and aspiring authors and having them speak about their work is an example of this.

Once again, you'll be assisting them in getting their work out to a wider audience while also being the person people turn to for recommendations on new books to read.

9. Make “Top Ten” Lists

Try creating the latest top ten lists on appealing subjects. For example, “The top ten baseball films”, “Check out the top ten Star Wars characters”, or “The following are the top ten mystery novels". 

You may either build these lists entirely based on your personal preferences or go around asking people what their favorites are and keeping track of what is said by several people.

Such concepts on their own could be good content for a podcast. You don't have to pick just one topic or theme to focus on for your podcast.

A few of the suggestions above might be combined. Tell a tale about anything unusual that happened while you were there, such as making a destination recommendation.

Bonus Tip: Transcribe Your Podcasts!

Should you collaborate with a professional podcast transcription service to generate high-quality podcast transcripts for your podcasts?

The answer is yes! You definitely should!

You can immediately make it easier to share your podcast on all social media platforms by creating transcripts. When quotations, highlights, or interviews from your podcast are available in text format, they are easy to share and enhance the viral potential of your material.

Plus, transcripts make it easier for people to follow along with your podcast, especially if they are not too proficient with your podcast language or dialect.

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Beth Worthy

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