Top 10 Budget-Friendly Podcast Editing Software in 2022

Top 10 Budget-Friendly Podcast Editing Software in 2022
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Are you looking for inexpensive podcast editing software? It's relatively easy to find all kinds of free software online, but does it provide the quality you seek? Often, the trade-off for free products is lower quality, but there are exceptions with podcast editing software.

Creating and editing a podcast can be a seamless or tedious task, depending on the tools you choose.

Cheap apps often limit your toolset, whereas paying a few hundred dollars or more can give you most of the empowering tools you need to make professional recordings.

Once you choose your editing software, then you should decide if you also need podcast transcription services.

Here Are the Leading Podcast Editing Software Platforms to Consider:

1. Audacity

The extensive functions of Audacity make it a popular choice among podcasters, musicians, and other media professionals. It allows you to edit with ease.

Unlike typical free software, Audacity offers regularly updated educational content on its website, and it doesn't require much training for users who are already familiar with recording production software.

2. GarageBand

Apple's Mac computers offer pre-installed audio editing software in the form of GarageBand, which is very popular with musicians.

It can be used for podcasts as well, as it provides professional functions and tools for seamless editing. Many professionals entering the field of transcription services use GarageBand, as it offers a fast learning curve on basic recording techniques.

GarageBand essentially gives you all the tools you need to make any type of basic professional recording. It provides you with plenty of sound effects to experiment with and allows for multitrack recording. Many producers use this software to edit short tracks together.

3. Zoom

Zoom became incredibly successful during the pandemic as many businesses shifted to remote work and online services to comply with social distancing.

Moreover, it's popular with entertainers, podcasters, and transcription services because of its user-friendly streaming technology that connects team members.

It allows for cohesive collaboration, such as conducting podcast interview shows with remote guests. It's useful for videoconferencing as well.

4. Apple Logic Pro X

For more sophisticated producers and transcription services, Apple Logic Pro X is high-quality recording software. It's mainly used by musicians of all levels, including major-label recording artists.

Additionally, its empowering tools are embraced by a wide variety of media professionals and hobbyists. It's more expensive, as the only free version is a 90-day trial. If you plan on doing a high volume of precision editing, this software is ideal.

5. Pro Tools

Pro Tools is another high-end professional-grade software platform used commonly by broadcast facilities and major label recording artists. It has many of the same functions as Apple Logic Pro X and is regarded as a top choice for recording and editing among many established producers.

It's just as useful to podcasters who aim for high-quality recordings and precision editing. Since it takes time to learn the comprehensive functions this software provides, it's best to start out on the free trial version until you're comfortable with the tools.

6. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is another popular software program that's been used by broadcast professionals for many years. It's useful for adding music to podcasts and refining audio with tools such as the noise reduction feature.

It can also be used for advanced audio track restoration and compression. With its batch-processing capability, you can apply effects to multiple sound elements simultaneously.

This app is mostly designed for experienced broadcast, podcast, and music professionals. People entering podcasting for the first time with no recording background should start out on a simpler app and then move to this one when they're ready for more creative challenges.

7. Riverside

Video podcasters embrace Riverside for its automatic editing, customization tools, and its simplicity. It's one of the best choices for newbies who aren't familiar with video production yet.

The Clips feature inspires creative ways to promote your video podcasts. The feature makes it easy to share promotional clips of your podcasts on social media.

It comes with various tools for refining audio. More experienced professionals should consider Riverside's Enterprise plan.

8. Reaper

Intermediate podcast producers may find Reaper to be comfortable and convenient. This moderately-priced software provides multiple built-in plugins for enhancing audio.

It also gives you customizable automation features that make podcast production more efficient. Reaper is easy to learn for all producer levels. It isn't necessarily designed for podcasts, as it's more intended for music production, but it still makes podcast production easier.

9. Music Maker

Made by Magix, Music Maker is software designed for music creation, but it can also be used to record and edit podcasts. It's a good pick for musicians who mix their own multitrack recordings into their shows.

It offers many song-building features such as song templates and advanced looping. Some podcasters use it to piece audio clips together.

10. Alitu

Although Alitu is not free, it's suitable for creative individuals who want to make podcast recording and editing as simple as possible. It makes recording guests remotely easy, as it provides user-friendly tools for creating, editing, and uploading podcasts to the internet.

Final Takeaway

Free podcast editing software can help jump-start low-budget entities, but the paid apps with more advanced tools will make your shows sound more professional.

Once you get your podcast off the ground, think about outsourcing to Transcription services that make the text of the podcast available for your site. It can make podcasts more meaningful to your audience.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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