How to Get Transcripts from Webex

How to Get Transcripts from Webex
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


If you are looking for video conferencing calls with the employees of your organization, there is no better option than having the Cisco Webex Meeting software.

However, having online business meetings and conferences software will not help you take the meeting minutes. A good idea to streamline the entire process would be to start with getting meeting transcripts.

Webex meeting transcripts can be generated automatically. However, are they accurate and usable? Is the entire process feasible? This article discusses more about it.

So what is it that you can do?

Although Webex transcription is not a very popular solution, you can still get the meeting transcripts through simple steps.

How to Enable Transcription in Webex

The first thing that you need to do is record the Webex meeting. Webex is designed so that it’s compatible with all kinds of devices, so it has been built to record meetings even on the go. To record the Webex meetings:

  • Click on the Webex assistant and find the red button at the bottom of the Webex screen. Then, press it to open the recorder panel and press the red switch to begin the recording.
  • Once the recording is done, press the black switch to stop the recording. You can also temporarily stop or pause the recording in between the meeting.
  • Be aware that if you pause the video recording temporarily, the recording gets saved as a single file. However, if you stop in between the recording, it will result in multiple files of the recording.

The Webex meeting recordings are generally saved in a unique format only available to Cisco. Convert it to make it transcription friendly.

How Can You Convert the Webex Recording File?

  • Open the video file from the Webex recording file. The meeting should automatically start playing.
  • Select the file and convert it into a convenient file format. The best option would be MP4.
  • Save it once the conversion is over. The process can be a little intensive and might take a while to complete.

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Automated Transcription from Webex

The automated transcription from Webex is not available under their free plan.

However, if you buy their plan, you will be able to transcribe all the recordings automatically. The transcript can also be displayed while you are playing the video recording to verify the transcript with the recordings right there.

The accuracy level of the automatic Webex transcription is around 90% to 95%. This is the only method where you can transcribe Webex recording free of cost.

However, if you’re using the free Webex software, you should opt for a professional transcription service to get your meetings transcribed. GMR Transcription service is an excellent choice to do so.

Visit the GMR Transcription Services, Inc. website and upload the MP4 recording on the page to get it automatically transcribed.

Once it is shared with you in your chosen file format, you can download, share, and use it at your convenience.

You can share it with your team via presentations or email. You can be certain about its accuracy and perfection when using GMR transcription. We offer 99% accurate human-based transcription services.

How to Turn Off Webex Transcription?

If you want to disable the Webex transcription, go to your Webex account and go to the preference settings. Uncheck the box that mentions "create recording transcripts."

How do I delete a transcript in Webex?

To delete a recording from Webex, select the recording from the left navigation bar and click on it. Select delete. The recording will still be available in the trash for the next 30 days unless you delete it permanently.

Cisco is a great tool for video recordings and transcription. The newly available AI feature in Webex meetings is now better than before.

The automated recording and transcription services are readily available so that you do not miss a thing ever again.

However, no software can match the accuracy of human transcriptionists. Despite Webex transcription accuracy being 95%, you cannot customize your transcripts as per your needs.

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Looking for completely accurate transcripts customized to your preferences?

GMR Transcription Services, Inc. is the best solution for your organization. We offer professional Webex transcription services which are highly accurate and available to you at reasonable prices with quick turnaround times.

Register with us to get the most accurate transcripts today!

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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