How Can You Develop Modern Effective Teaching Skills?

How Can You Develop Modern Effective Teaching Skills?
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Teaching styles, like everything else, change with time. However, with technological advancements and the pandemic, there have been unprecedented developments in teaching methods in recent times. Teachers must develop practical teaching skills to keep up with these changing trends.

The teaching landscape is now more focused on e-learning, and teachers need to make themselves accustomed to modern technologies and learning methods in order to improve their quality of teaching.

However, 41% of US teachers cited lack of training as the most significant impediment to increasing the use of educational technology in classrooms. This number is alarming and calls for improvement in teachers’ training.

In our quest to solve this problem, we have discussed how to improve teaching skills to enhance students learning here.

6 Ways of Improving Modern Teaching Skills

As a teacher, improving teaching skills is crucial to grab students' attention and keep them engaged, receptive, and interactive. With proper teaching skills, a teacher can turn a dull topic or class into an exciting and lively session.

So, if you are a teacher, here’s how you can develop effective teaching skills to help your students thrive:

1. Try using the co-operative learning method

This is a successfully tested and tried method for enhancing teaching skills. In this system, teachers have to make different teams from the students in their class.

Members of every team should have a sense of positive interdependence, direct interaction with one another, and individual accountability.

Research shows that students who take co-operative learning become creative, innovative, highly analytical, critical, and develop a better understanding of learned materials when compared to students who learn conventionally.

2. Learn when to unplug

Students and teachers now remain active and available on various social media platforms.

A modern teacher must learn when to unplug from social media and call it a day. Many of us don't know that teachers' burnout rate is relatively high.

Therefore, teachers must take time to slow down and care for themselves. They must also guide their students regarding slowing down and unplugging.

Teachers can also suggest effective ways of unwinding and advise students to take a brain break.

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3. Try and identify instructional objectives

A teacher needs to understand how well students followed and understood the lesson.

For this, teachers can note down some observable activities that students should be able to complete at the end of a lesson.

The activities that the students do should be observable directly. Keeping these objectives in mind facilitates the construction of in and out of tests and class activities.

When teachers make their students aware of what is needed, they will do everything to meet the teacher's expectations.

4. Improve communication skills

If you want to develop effective teaching skills, you must have strong communication skills. Teachers have to communicate with students and their parents regularly.

For a teacher, developing oratory skills helps develop better bonds with students. Students develop an interest in a particular subject when the teacher teaching the subject has good communication skills.

5. Embrace technology

By embracing technology, teachers can substantially improve students' overall performance and productivity. One of the best ways to improve and develop effective teaching skills is to leverage benefits from the internet.

There are various digital-assisted learning tools like educational apps, software programs, and handheld devices that can boost student engagement and motivation.

Educational professionals and students also seek assistance from various academic and research transcription services. It is a great way for educational professionals to teach and for students to learn in a smart way.

You can try these services to create effective study materials for students. With transcription, you can convert voice to text, making it possible to record and convert audio to easily decipherable and accurate text so that students can understand it and use it to study later.

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6. Strive to be a continuous learner

Educational curriculum and technology are changing rapidly. A teacher needs to keep up with the changes and adapt to the new ways confidently.

A curious teacher and an eager learner will always be ready to go that extra mile to learn new things.

For instance, many teachers use academic transcription services for teaching as well as learning. The urge to learn continuously is a positive sign of a successful teacher.

Take Your Teaching Skills Up a Notch with GMR Transcription

These teaching skills can help you pass on your knowledge to your students in an efficient manner.

However, you can enhance them further by taking the help of a professional Transcription services company like GMR Transcription Services, Inc.

Classroom interactions can be a great form of learning, but our human brain being volatile, tends to forget things after some time, and if we haven’t noted valuable information anywhere, it can be very difficult to recall them.

GMRT’s academic and research transcription services can ensure your teachings are not lost and help you effectively create lesson plans, examination papers, and study materials for your students.

Our 100% US-based human transcriptionists can achieve a 99% accuracy rate on all good-quality videos. Contact us today to use our transcription services.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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