GMR Transcription Launches a New Dashboard

GMR Transcription Launches a New Dashboard
Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad


GMR Transcription Services, Inc. has launched a new and improved dashboard for their clients.

This new dashboard has an easy-to-use interface, simplifying the way clients upload their audio, video, and text files.

With this new dashboard, clients can seamlessly access several features of GMR Transcription’s user interface.

These include viewing and editing their profiles, downloading their order and payment histories, simplifying order submission and payment, and much more.

This new dashboard facilitates the process of uploading audio, video, and text files for the clients. It also enables clients to apply the same order details to multiple files.

GMR Transcription’s new and easy-to-use interface offers several benefits to its clients. These include easily pasting web links, quickly viewing the current file statuses and delivery dates, and more.

It also enables the clients to edit their order details effortlessly and apply the same to multiple documents. Clients can view and download their payment, order history, and receipts with ease.

Beth Worthy, President at GMR Transcription Services, Inc., said, “This is a part of our team’s continuous efforts to improve our client experience. This dashboard will make it easier than ever for clients to upload their files, submit web links, download their transcripts, and make payments.” She further added, “Our team has always been committed to providing our clients with reliable, accurate, and timely transcription and translation services, and this new move is to strengthen the same.”

 About GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription Services, Inc. is one of the prominent California-based transcription and translation service companies.

The organization relies on its skilled, dependable, and experienced team of US-based human transcriptionists.

The GMR Transcription team ensures to processing and delivery of accurate and high-priority transcription and translation projects for individuals, private organizations, public corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions.

With quick turnaround times, over 5 million minutes of transcribed audio, and more than 11,000 satisfied and happy clients, GMR Transcription Services, Inc. is your trustworthy organization for transcription and translation services.

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Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad is the Founder of GMR Transcription Services Inc., an Orange County, California based company that has been providing accurate and affordable transcription services since 2004. GMR Transcription has worked with over 12,000 clients spanning myriad industries and prides itself on its customer service and quick turnaround time. Their services include audio transcription, video transcription and digital transcription, as well as Spanish and Mandarin translation.