Four Reasons To Use Transcription Services To Grow Your Email List

Four Reasons To Use Transcription Services To Grow Your Email List
Brock Hamilton

Brock Hamilton


There's a reason why most online marketing campaigns still include a significant email component. Email marketing works. If you're running an email list of your own, you probably already know that it can be a tremendous promotional tool. As time goes on, it can get harder to keep your list growing. If you need help pulling together the content you need, consider calling on the assistance of online transcription services.

  1. Fresh Content Is Vital For Growing Your List

    Most online marketers agree now that content is the fuel that drives good modern marketing. Every form of promoting your organization requires it and email marketing is no exception. A steady flow of fresh information is vital in order to keep your current subscribers interested and more importantly, to attract fresh ones.

    Giving potential subscribers something of value is one of the best ways to convince them to sign up. While special offers (coupons, sales, etc) have their place, content makes the best giveaway for soliciting email addresses. Good content for new subscribers is evergreen. You can use the same pieces over and over again. As long as you have newer content to follow up with, this is a dynamite way to attract more subscribers.

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  2. Good Transcription Is Both Cheap And Accurate

    If you've never used a transcription service before, you needn't worry about the details. There are many excellent options available to you, and most good services deliver fast and accurate results at very affordable prices. Many services offer costs as low as one dollar per minute of audio or video.

    Take a little time to research your options before selecting a transcription service and then test it out with a few sample pieces. If the text you get back is usable and affordable, you have found yourself a strong partner in your email marketing campaign. If the initial results aren't satisfactory (e.g. they require too much editing on you part), you can always try again with a different service.

  3. Transcription Allows You To Re-Use Content Without Penalties

    So, what exactly should you be feeding to your transcription service? In a word, everything. Every scrap of content you use for marketing that isn't already in text form can and should be transcribed. Podcasts, videos, interviews, lectures, product demonstrations, and all other forms of promotional material can serve as the basis for text content once they're transcribed.

    The really great thing about transcription is that it allows you to squeeze extra utility out of the content you create without approaching the cardinal marketing sin of duplicating content. A properly-edited transcript is a completely new piece of material, and no one (e.g. a search engine) is going to cry foul over the appearance of a transcript.

  4. Transcription Services Save You Time

    Perhaps the biggest advantage that transcription services have to offer you is that they save you precious time. Whether you are an entirely independent operator or you have a whole team working on your behalf, there are still a limited number of hours available to work on marketing. Wouldn't your time be better used planning new strategies and seeking new customers rather than typing up content? Transcription services give you back those precious hours.

    In fact, some marketers trust transcription so much that they use it for original content generation. Rather than writing their content, they record it to an audio file and let their service convert it into text. If you find that you can express yourself better vocally than behind a keyboard, this is definitely a technique worth trying. Transcription may allow you to generate tons of fresh content in a fraction of the time it would take you on your own.

    With a good transcription service assisting you, you can make your list-growing efforts far more productive and efficient. Transcription allows you to make new content out of existing work, create fresh content, and make the best use of your time. For all of the benefits they deliver, transcription services are amazingly affordable. Start looking at your transcription options today and get more content flowing faster for your email list.

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