5 Best Super-Productive Online Tools for Content Writers

5 Best Super-Productive Online Tools for Content Writers
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Content writers sometimes overwork themselves by thinking too hard about trying to craft unique articles or blogs. While it's wise to be as original as possible, you should use your time as effectively as possible.

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Here are some useful tech tools to help you make the best use of your time crafting content:

Digital TimerIt's always a good idea to keep track of time while you write so that you can measure your productivity, not just at the end of the day, but throughout the day. Chances are, your smartphone has a built-in stopwatch, but in case it doesn't, a helpful choice with a customizable alarm is an app called Write or Die: Dr. Wicked's Writing Lab.

Smart CalendarUsing a calendar that communicates with you and reminds you of your responsibilities can assure that you get all your assignments done on time. Google Calendar is one of the most powerful technology tools for writers since it sends alerts to your email or mobile phone. It's very handy if you work with multiple clients.

Word CounterIt's important to know your word count when writing a blog or article. Even if you're not required to meet a certain quantity by a client, you know as a content writer that search engines favor content that comprises several hundred words. Plain Text - Dropbox text editing is a free app for iOS and Android that serves as a text editor with a word count function.

Automated CriticEvery writer needs feedback from a critic. That's how you become a better writer. But instead of being embarrassed by a human critic, why not work with AutoCrit, which is just an app that proofreads your text? That way, no one else will find out about your rough drafts. It helps you check your grammar and writing style. It's ideal for creative writing.

Organize Your NotesOne of the best ways to keep your notes and diagrams organized is with Evernote. It helps you keep all your ideas, web pages and media in one place. It's a great research tool for saving content from resources.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy is the President of GMR Transcription Services, Inc an Orange County, California based company that has been providing accurate and affordable transcription services since 2004. She has enjoyed success at GMR for almost ten years now and has helped the company grow. Within two years of Beth managing GMR Transcription, it had doubled in sales and was named one of the OC Business Journal’s fastest-growing private companies. Outside of work, she likes spending time with her husband and two kids.