3 Everlasting Benefits of Speech Transcription

3 Everlasting Benefits of Speech Transcription
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


We have accurate records of some of the most famous speeches ever given because they were written down. Some great orators, however, may not have written their script down completely. Instead, they used note cards and spoke from the heart, touching on the main points of what they wanted to make sure were covered. On the other side, you have great speech writers like Ben Stein who wrote the speeches that were given verbatim by Presidents and dignitaries alike.

Speech Transcripts Preserve History

An accurate transcript of a historic speech provides a glimpse into what was going on at the time and how the person giving the speech was reacting to it. It will include details that may not have otherwise been known unless the speech had been written down prior to the person giving it. Having a written copy secures the speech's place in history by pulling together many pieces of a larger puzzle.

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Speech Transcripts Can Be an Inspiration

Speeches are often given to inspire and motivate people to do their best at something. Whether it is supporting and protecting their country, or being the best person they can be when it comes to doing everything they can for their company. A transcript is a written record that can be referred to again and again, through the use of quotes and citations.

Beneficial as Teaching Tools

Great orators are known for choosing their words very carefully. Transcribed speeches can be used to teach others the importance of saying as much as possible with very few words and genuine inflection. Speeches make excellent teaching tools. While it is easy to watch a video or listen to a recording, being able to read the speech gives a person the opportunity to experience the subtle nuances that may be missed if seen or heard.

Speech transcription helps to not only preserve history, but also to give others a unique look inside the mind of the person who wrote and gave the speech.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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