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Author Editing

Upon the completion of writing a book, it is essential that the writer's work is critiqued, proofread and edited. This unique editing process guarantees the book's success and provides the reader with a clean, precise and informative text.

Published and self-published authors require assistance from an editor, whether they compose a novel, fiction book, non-fiction book or manuscript. The main aim of the editing process is to make sure the writing has every advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Why is Author Editing Important?

No matter how much research goes into creating a piece of writing, it will be irrelevant to the book's success unless the English language is flawless. Poor English language is a common cause for delays and rejections; therefore this is an integral part of the process for an author who wants to take a step in the right direction. Editors are professionals and they will pay attention to the author's target audience as a way of engaging the reader and developing the product.

What Does Author Editing Involve?

Grammar and spelling are the main focus of author editing. The editor will maintain knowledge on the latest citations, which will ultimately increase the chances of writing being published. The process involves the correction, condensation and organization of raw text. A precise set of methods are utilized to make the writing easy to read and accurate.

Most author editors can edit work on a wide range of genres and topics, enabling the author to have creative freedom and an error-free final draft. Apart from the obvious mistakes that need correcting, the editor will also elaborate and explain terms or abbreviations when necessary. Editors also tackle the following areas of writing:

  • Sentence and paragraph length
  • Content and structure
  • Suitability of text for intended audience
  • Consistency
  • Legal issues
  • Writing style
  • Technical matters
  • Restructuring and rewriting
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