Work At Home Transcription Offers a Very Rewarding Salary

Work At Home Transcription Offers a Very Rewarding Salary
Julie Parker

Julie Parker


As one of the fastest-growing and promising jobs in the United States, transcription has much to offer. Ideal for those who want to pursue a work at home career (including a stay at home moms) and for those who want to earn an extra income by utilizing their free time(including college students), transcription services have become very popular for good reason. The profession lets you work from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you want to, because it is all done online. All you need is a computer or laptop, word processing software, a pair of good headphones and a foot pedal (although there are some great online transcription tools that eliminate the need for the latter).

Transcription jobs also are very convenient and flexible because you can choose the amount of work you want to take in and your schedule, as long as you complete the transcriptions on time. This helps you save a lot of money on gas expenses and car maintenance with daily travel to and from an office, work attire and food you’d be buying at work, among others. And at the end of the day, work at home transcription pays very well for the work itself; saving money on other miscellaneous expenses is just an added bonus.

Transcript of the Video

Transcribing recorded documents into a written format is a great job for working from home. In addition to the convenience of working from home, the hours are flexible, the required equipment is minimal and inexpensive, and the work pays well.

Quality and efficient transcription services are needed in many businesses and professions, whether it's medical, business or legal. A transcription service provider's job is to make sense of what is said and to punctuate the speech correctly. Most important for any transcription service is editing and correcting grammar and all mispronounced words, and enthusiasm for punctuation, in order to make people read as they sound. Eliminating ‘um’, ‘mhmm’, and unnecessary repeated phrases from your transcription will increase your efficiency.

You will need a computer with word processing software, which are requirements for transcribing. Also needed on the computer is audio playback software, and most computers come with software that allows audio playback. If not, you can download one for free from the Internet.

A handset is used to listen to recordings. A good headset that will cut out external noises is important to minimize distractions. There are headsets available specifically for transcription to make your work easier. Choose one with volume control on the cord. You will be using the headset a lot, so get one which is light on the ears.

You will need a foot pedal that allows you to control the speed of the speech you are transcribing. You'll use your hands to type what you hear and the foot pedal allows you to start and stop the speech without using your hands.

Qualities looked for in a transcriptionist include good knowledge of English usage, grammar, spelling and punctuation, accurate typing at a decent speed, attention to detail, and patience.

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Julie Parker

Julie Parker

Julie Parker is the Transcription Supervisor for GMR Transcription Services, Inc, a leading U.S. transcription company based in Orange County, California. Julie has a true passion for effective verbal and written communication. She applies her passion to providing the excellent customer service and accuracy upon which GMR Transcription's clients depend. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, watching movies, and hosting dinner parties with friends.