Women Podcast Listeners: Have You Joined the Trend?

Women Podcast Listeners: Have You Joined the Trend?
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Podcasts are quickly becoming a trend with women of all ages. Whether at work, at home, or driving home, women are finding that podcasts are a great way to stay in the know of new trends and topics.

Podcasts cover a wide variety of popular topics and are an easy way for companies to get their message out to their customers. In the past, podcast creators have primarily been men.

Now, women are much more likely to turn on their podcasts to find a woman behind the microphone discussing topics.

Podcasts Are Easy To Access

With their increase in popularity, podcast creators have also made them much easier to access.

They can now be found on streaming channels, radio stations, and websites that specialize in “talk-style” programming.

Podcasts can also be accessed over a wide variety of devices including cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers.

Technology has made it easy to record and playback podcasts at any time.

Some people live-stream podcasts at a specific time each day to followers who subscribe to their “channel” or station on platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and other networks.

The fact that apps are now in use allow women to access podcasts from anywhere from almost any type of device solidifies that fact that they are here to stay.

Many Are Made with Women in Mind

Many podcasts are made specifically with women in mind and cover relevant topics.

Creators have made a point to include many different topics in an attempt to make their podcast more diverse and appealing to a much wider audience.

One of the newest trends is that more women are actually participating in podcasts, adding a female perspective to an otherwise male-dominated genre.

Having women behind the microphone is a key element in attracting a larger female audience.

With more women introducing more relatable topics, the objective of increasing podcast popularity among women will definitely be achieved.

Higher-Quality Content with a Storytelling Angle

One of the most important draws for any new podcast is to have quality content with a storytelling angle.

Journalistic writing can be clear and factual which is ideal when you are trying to relay information.

Podcasts are often designed to encourage people to voice their opinions or raise awareness of what is going on in certain aspects of society.

Women who listen to podcasts are often trying to learn more about what is happening in a certain area such as politics, healthcare, or other trending topics.

Content that is written from a storytelling viewpoint is often more opinion-based and often attempts to spark a debate or encourage discussion.

Trending Topics

Much like men, women are drawn to particular topics and tend to be quite vocal about the topics that interest them the most.

Women are more likely to gravitate to health, wellness, fitness, well-being, entertainment, personal growth, and even crime trends.

Their interests have become widely diverse over the last few decades sparking both heated debates and interesting conversations in terms of how to improve themselves or increase their value as homemakers, business-women, and entrepreneurs.

The fact is, with so many interesting topics being covered in podcasts, more women will continue to tune in and listen whenever they have the chance.

Women are listening and becoming involved in podcast creation seems to be fast growing.

This not only keeps them interested, it is intriguing enough to make them think about what is being discussed.

The fact that podcasts are so easily found means the trend is only on the rise.

With more women talking about topics that are of greater interest to them, it stands to reason that women will be more likely to search out the podcasts and listen to them during their free time.

The immediate connection between the host and the reader continues to boost each podcast's rating and encourages creators to keep putting out new podcasts on a regular basis.

If you are podcaster covering the topics that interest women, you should try using podcast transcription services for your episodes.

It will help you reach a wider audience and build your podcast’s prominence on search engines. This is an opportunity that you won’t want to pass up.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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