Medical transcription service is the conversion of voice-recorded reports as dictated by the physicians or other health care professionals into text format. A person engaged by a medical transcription service converts the confidential information of a patient into a written text document. This can be performed in a hospital or by medical transcription service provider from a off-site locations.

While transcribing directly for a doctor or a group of physicians, there are specific formats to be used, depending on the doctor’s specialty of practice. Mainly patient’s history and physical exams are transcribed. It can be done via telephone, digital recorder or a PC.

It is very important that a medical transcription service document is properly formatted, edited and reviewed. If a medical transcription service accidentally types a wrong medicine, the patient could be at risk. A medical transcription service provider is constantly challenged to learn about new medicines, new procedures and new doctor-specific phraseology, accents etc.

Important services provided by the medical transcription service providers to their customers:-

  1.  Accuracy - transcribes accurately, utilizing correct punctuation, grammar and spelling.
  2.  Timely delivery and prompt service. 
  3.  Cost-effective rates. 
  4.  Strict confidentiality.
  5.  Quality assurance

Accuracy and attention to every detail are the most important factors in determining the medical transcription service you will choose. The daily challenges faced by any medical transcription service provider are comprehending variation in speech patterns, various accents and dialects and continuous developments in the field of medicine and medical technology.  

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