Making Pharma Advisory Boards' Documentation Easier with Audio Transcription

Making Pharma Advisory Boards' Documentation Easier with Audio Transcription
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Advisory boards are important.

They bring industry experts from around the world together to offer advice, monitor emerging issues, manage data, and dissect the latest science--all in an effort to ensure organizations are achieving their missions.

As anyone knows, getting some of the best and brightest together in one room at the same time can be difficult.The pharma industry is increasingly international, meaning researchers, medics, academics and other experts are often spread across the country. It also means that virtual pharma advisory board meetings are growing in popularity and frequency.

This can make it difficult to document with precision the ground-breaking data, opinions, advice and direction that is doled out during the meetings.

It also makes audio transcription service much more important.

Coordinate and Capture

Advisory boards have played a vital role in the pharmaceutical industry for decades. They provide researchers, business leaders, funding agents and others the opportunity to share information, ensuring that they're making progress toward their goals and, perhaps most importantly, successfully navigating the complex and highly regulated world of pharmaceutical research.

The meetings often focus on complex issues related to clinical trial protocols, treatment plan research and innovations, and they often include an alphabet soup of acronyms.

Now imagine attempting to ensure that an advisory board meeting is accurately documented.Identifying each individual in the room, capturing their words with precision and ensuring accuracy can be incredibly difficult. It's even more difficult when the meeting is virtual. "Attendees" aren't even in the same room.

That's why coordination is so critically important to the ability to accurately capturing both the words that are spoken and the spirit of the meeting.

Working with a professional transcription services company to coordinate before meetings helps ensure that you'll be able to capture its contents and have an accurate record of what happened after it's over.

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The Value of Professional Audio Transcription Services

Pharmaceutical advisory boards exist to share information--copious amounts of complex information.Members of boards pore over data and documents, share ideas and often make decisions that are critically important to the future of businesses and products.

That's why investing in professional audio transcription services is an absolute must. Audio transcription converts sound files to text documents, and it accomplishes this with incredible precision.

The text document becomes an important document.It can be used to clarify decisions that were made. It can be used to secure funding, develop products and even to create marketing materials down the road.

Since the process is largely automated, there is less chance for human error to cause inaccurate transcripts of pharmaceutical advisory board meetings. But that doesn't mean it's easy.

How Audio Transcription Services Works

When considering professional audio transcription services, the most important factor is precision.You want to know with precision that the service provider with which your partner has the ability to decipher different speakers, capture complex terminology and even understand different accents (after all, experts will be participating from all over the world).

Companies that have experience with arranging Transcription services for pharmaceutical advisory board meetings will be able to help you coordinate on the front end to make sure you are maximizing the capabilities of the technology.

The goal is to structure meetings so that the technology can accurately document what is being discussed by whom.This means developing a detailed agenda before the meeting. Having charts, graphs and other data submitted in advance so that it can be incorporated into the final transcripts. Imagine trying to determine what is being discussed when the only words spoken are, "Consider the information on this chart…"

Professional audio transcription service providers will also be able to do advance "dry runs," during which common acronyms are tested, the technology is fine-tuned and ease of access is ensured.

The worst thing that can happen is to have a meeting planned that participants are not able to access. The second worst thing is to have the technology fail and the meeting not be captured at all.

Coordinating in advance can help ensure that the pharmaceutical advisory board meeting goes off without a hitch and that it is all captured and documented for use down the road.

Connect with the Audio Transcription Experts

Pharmaceutical advisory boards play a critically important role in ensuring that businesses succeed and life-saving therapies make it to market. Audio transcription services can be critical to their success.

If you would like to explore how professional audio transcription services can help your pharmaceutical advisory board achieve its goals, connect with us at GMR.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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