How To Stay Healthy on an Academic Schedule

Julie Parker

Julie Parker



Ah, the holidays. A time to be surrounded by friends, family, and most definitely, all of your favorite, comforting holiday treats. Food is a beneficial part of our lives, but while the holidays bring out the carefree attitudes of many celebrants, it also brings out that sense of abandon in terms of what one should and shouldn’t eat. Trying to get back on a healthy lifestyle after this wonderful time is hard enough, but throw in the fact that this is the time where most people are being thrust back into their academic schedules? It seems outright impossible!


Health Tips for Students

Sometimes it pays off to remember that “A little goes a long way.” Incorporating these small and easy changes into your daily routine for now will not only help you to prep for bigger changes, but can help keep you focused and ready to take on the new challenges a new semester or quarter can bring!

1. Drink More WaterDrinking more water not only keeps you hydrated and makes you feel better overall, but it has been proven to keep the mind sharp and alert. According to an article by water makes up about 60% of your body weight, so why not take some time to recharge? 8 glasses a day keeps the scholar at play!

2. Choose Healthier SnacksKeeping up with your schedule can be stressful and can lead you to just grab whatever is there. Take a few seconds to weigh out your options and ultimately decide which is better for you! If it helps, you could also bring along a piece of fruit or a bag of veggies with you for when you get hungry.

3. Be Consciously ActiveDo you really want to fight to get into that crowded elevator just to get to the second floor? Taking a few extra steps a day doesn’t only greatly impact your overall physical health and appearance, but it has also been proven to improve your brain power! According to, those who engage in more physical activity have been found to have bigger brains.

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Julie Parker

Julie Parker

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