Hollywood Stars Who Speak Multiple Languages

Hollywood Stars Who Speak Multiple Languages
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Some of the top Hollywood Celebs today not only know how to act, but they also know how to speak multiple languages. You'd be pretty surprised by looking at some of them without really knowing their background or where they or their parents come from. While some celebs speak just two languages like English and French, some of these guys and girls speak up to 5 languages fluently!

Mila Kunis.
At age 7, Mila's family moved from Ukraine to LA and she grew up speaking both English and Russian. You can see quite a few videos of her talking about this and speaking Russian.

Jon Heder.
As you will learn with Jon, you don't always have to be born in a specific country to learn the language. Jon went on a 2 year religious mission to Japan where he learned to speak Japanese fluently.

Not only can this girl move and sing, she also speaks FOUR languages: they are English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. But, her native language is Spanish since she was born in Columbia.

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Natalie Portman.
Portman might only be 32 years old, but she also speaks a multitude of languages including English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish and Hebrew. She can also do sign language as well and was featured in Paul McCartney’s video "My Valentine" because of it.

Charlize Theron.
She is not only incredibly beautiful, but some people actually forget that she grew up in South Africa and her first language is Afrikaans. You can see a few videos of her on Piers Morgan speaking Afrikaans. Quite interesting and kind of sexy!

Jodie Foster.
While most of these stars above speak other languages, they do not dub their own films. However, Jodie foster does! She speaks fluent French and dubs French language films herself.

Casey and Ben Affleck.
Both these brothers lived and grew up in Mexico where they both learned to speak fluent Spanish. Ben even promoted his movie called The Town in Spanish.

Bradley Cooper.
Not just a pretty face, Cooper also speaks fluent French.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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