Green Practices That Make Your Workplace Healthier

Green Practices That Make Your Workplace Healthier
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


A lot of workplaces are going green these days. It’s good for the environment. It’s good for employees’ health and because of that it’s good for most company’s bottom lines. However, it isn’t always as easy to make your workplace green as you might think.

If you’re ready to bring some green practices into your workplace, use these tips to help you. They’re easy to implement and you can start reaping the benefits almost immediately after you’re done.

  • Add live plants to your office space.
    They’ll help clean the air and make your employees feel more productive, since studies show that greenery helps office workers feel more connected with their environment.

  • Stop using toxic chemicals to clean up your workplace.
    They might be effective, but these days you can get all-natural cleaning products that do the job just as well while killing germs. If you don’t want to switch in communal bathrooms, at least go for natural cleaning products in common spaces and in the work area.

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  • Encourage employees to take breaks and go for walks.
    You can even have a particular time of day when you allow employees to exercise on your dime. They’ll be healthier and a whole lot happier, and that means fewer sick days.

  • Start a ride-share or carpool program for your employees to use.
    They will save money on gas and that’s good for the whole planet. They’ll also start to bond with their co-workers, which can make the whole work day go a little better for everybody in the building, especially at crunch time.

  • Allow more natural sunlight in.
    People who work inside all day often don’t get enough. You can turn the lights off, at least partially, as well. You’ll save money and your employees will be healthier. That’s a win-win situation.

  • Switch out your old incandescent lights with CFLs.
    They use a whole lot less power, so you won’t be worried about paying for those light bills. That means employees will get more light while working, which is better for the eyes and productivity.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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