7 Exclusive Podcasts for Fashion & Beauty Lovers [Infographic]

7 Exclusive Podcasts for Fashion & Beauty Lovers [Infographic]
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Fashion and beauty podcasts have a lot to offer in terms of inspiration and education, covering everything from fashion superstars revealing their secrets of success, applying winged eyeliner perfectly, or even a discussion that touches upon the technical aspects of managing one's social media account.

Exclusive Podcasts for Fashion & Beauty Lovers

Here are 7 exclusive podcasts all fashion & beauty lovers must listen to:

The Beauty Brains

This podcast offers in-depth information about skincare and beauty basics. This is a podcast dealing with advanced cosmetic science topics discussed by experts in this field. The listeners in this podcast ask questions on beauty products, skin care, beauty routines, emerging trends and also recommendations on buying products. This podcast covers almost everything a fashion and beauty aficionado would want to know.

Glamour's "What I Wore When..."

This is a series of mini-podcasts that allows celebrities to discuss what outfits they wore during the most eventful periods of their lives. The stories range from how Ivanka Trump met her husband to relatively unknown actresses like Uzo Aduba winning an Emmy for her role in the new sitcoms, Orange is the New Black. It focuses primarily on trends in fashion and who seems to be promoting what type of look.

American Fashion Podcast

The American Fashion podcast offers to help individuals who are interested in working in the beauty and fashion industry get the help they need to create and manage a successful business. The Startup Fashion project provides helpful resources to up and coming fashion entrepreneurs who have chosen the industry as their primary career choice.

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Beauty Talk with Denise & Janice Tunnell

Beauty Talk with Denise and Janice Tunnell offers listeners new ideas and beauty tips every Sunday night. The beauty experts have access to a wealth of information that they report on each week, providing listeners with the latest in trends and beauty tips that come straight from industry experts. The hosts offer advice on makeup how-to's as well as things to avoid.

Yahoo Style

Yahoo Style's latest podcasts discuss what fashion and beauty designers need to help them dress celebrities for success, especially if the red carpet is involved. Popular stars discuss what they are looking for to make them stand out against other A-list celebrities they are competing against at many awards ceremonies. Topics vary from podcast to podcast and celebrities are often interviewed and encouraged to offer listeners tips concerning both fashion trends and beauty tips.


The College Fashionista offers listeners the inside scoop on what many beauty and fashion experts are focusing on to help propel their careers forward. The creator offers tips she gains from the experts to her listeners so that they too, can help to establish themselves in the fashion industry. Fashion and beauty require dedication and skill as well as a thorough education which the College Fashionista helps to build on.

Pop Fashion

The Pop Fashion podcasts are designed to keep everyone abreast of all of the latest news in the fashion and beauty industries. The goal is to help newcomers keep track of the driving forces in the industry, while at the same time sharing knowledge about what is hot and what is not. Each podcast not only touches on the latest news but also offers the newest tips and trends from the latest fashion and beauty experts. This podcast show, hosted by a trendy vintage store owner Lisa Rowan and a professional stylist of note Kaarin Vembar, discusses topics ranging from pop culture and fashion to business. They involve the listeners too, so they can also be a part of the action.


Fashion and beauty are all about having fun and experimenting: however, at times, you would want to know what's the latest and interesting happening in this world. And a lot is always cooking in the cauldron of fashion and beauty. Individuals who are interested in fashion and beauty as a hobby or a hopeful career will enjoy many of the podcasts on this list.

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