Digital Transcription

Digital Transcription



Digital transcription refers to the transcribing of recordings in digital audio formats like mp3, wav, au etc. Depending upon the digital format that was used to record the sound, you need some new software or hardware in your computer to play and transcribe it. Just as there are various digital audio formats, there are also a number of different programs, which understand how to interpret them.

Earlier, all recordings were in non-digital forms like VHS or tapes, which are now slowly replaced by advanced digital recording formats like wav, mp3, au etc. and it is now possible to store immense data in digital storage devices like CDs, DVDs etc.  

Digital transcription is transcribing of voice files that are received over the internet or email. If the file is small enough, it can be emailed to you or it can be sent to you via a server called an ftp, a file transfer protocol. This can be transferred to one PC to another easily.Then the next step is to download the voice file from the ftp to your hard drive and then load the voice file from your hard drive into your digital transcription software. You are then able to type up the dictation using either a PC, a word processor or typewriter.

Choosing a free digital transcription software or a paid one is really depends on you. Digital transcription software allows you to stop, start, rewind and fast-forward your transcription. But at the same time, you may need a quality transcription headphone set and a foot pedal and make sure these hardware are compatible with the digital software that is installed in your computer. Most digital audio is of higher quality than analog recordings. For this, while capturing your audio, it is very important to record in a quiet environment without any background noise to make it of very good quality.

Just as there are many digital audio formats, there are also a number of different software programs specifically designed to play them. For example- users of Microsoft windows will typically have the “windows media player” already installed. Like wise, in order to play Apple’s ITunes format, you have to install Itunes software in your computer and you have to configure your computer programs to recognize and play certain file types accordingly.

Benefits of digital transcription

  1. It speeds workflow and reduces cost
  2. Ability to email from anywhere to everywhere
  3. Good sound quality
  4. Saves time and money
  5. Easy to transfer, share and access the files on the internet, which dramatically reduces the overhead in pick up and delivery of tapes.

For transcription purpose, digital is the best choice as the clarity of the audio makes the transcripts come out error-free and quicker. Moreover, transcription for digital formats is done easily.

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