10+ Best Sources to Stay In Tune With Digital Marketing Practices

10+ Best Sources to Stay In Tune With Digital Marketing Practices
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


The key to learning as much as possible about the most relevant emerging digital marketing trends to boost your leads and revenue is to follow informed, actionable top industry publications. The following sites and blogs represent powerful resources for digital marketers who want to learn more about improving their craft.

Google Official Blog

A source you can't do without. Google always comes up with blog updates on the way it looks at and ranks your website pages, making it an indispensable read. While some of the blogs could be complex and technical, taking time to read them would help you arrive at informed decisions about shaping your present SEO strategy.

Google official blog
  • Keeps content marketers up to date on latest digital marketing trends
  • Provides news on how to maximize the mobile experience, particularly for Android users
  • Helps alert marketers to new tools that can enhance digital marketing campaigns
  • Gives you topic ideas for creating content that reflects pop culture for your website and social media sharing
  • Provides the latest information on Google products such as Chrome, Gmail and Docs
  • Gives you access to automated tools such as Maps, Translate and Google Assistant
  • Provides a search tool for researching a diverse variety of digital marketing topics

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is a great source of daily news and the trends in search marketing (SEM), including paid search advertising (PPC) & search engine optimization (SEO) as well as does an expert analysis of and provides advice, tips, tactics on search marketing.

Search Engine Land
  • Lets you learn about the latest SEO, SEM, social media and search engines trends
  • Gives you ideas on better business efficiency and ROI in digital marketing
  • Helps inspire content creators and develop ideas for multimedia delivery, such as podcasting and presenting webinars
  • Gives you access to white papers by industry leaders on digital marketing strategies
  • Educates you on how to improve and refine email marketing and local search campaigns
  • Offers links to free digital marketing guide ebooks full of tips
  • Keeps you updated on a wide range of web technology news

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Moz Blog

Moz serves as a meeting ground for search marketers across the world, and provides education, tools, resources, along with paid services. Moz blog features the top wizards in the industry, as well as doctors and experts in other fields offering great advice, research, tips and insights to hone your SEO and digital marketing skillsets.

Moz Blog
  • Puts you in touch with the latest perspectives of the online marketing industry's top thought leaders
  • Provides access to free SEO tools
  • Serves as a gateway to all-in-one SEO toolset Moz Pro
  • Helps you easily manage your local search listings through all-in-one aggregate platform Moz Local
  • Provides valuable ideas on how to enhance your reputation, rankings and revenue
  • Warns you about black hat SEO tricks that can harm your search rankings
  • Teaches you how to refurbish and maximize your best web content


Founded in 2006, the HubSpot blogs are broadly classified under two sections: marketing & sales, while focusing mainly on digital marketing, and provide knowledge about tools & techniques that can help refine your business strategy and acquire SEO proficiency.This is one of the great resources for learning about inbound marketing.

  • Much more than a content marketing blog, provides access to diverse and powerful software
  • Gives you the tools to improve lead generation and conversions
  • Offers a wealth of up to date digital marketing industry news
  • Provides partnership programs for digital marketing agencies
  • Educates you on how to increase revenue per client
  • Gives you access to valuable resources such as a marketing library and a sales and marketing training program
  • Provides inbound marketing consulting services, classroom training and online certifications


Founded in 2005, TechCrunch is exclusively devoted to reviews and profiling of latest internet products and companies. In addition to that, TechCrunch also profiles those existing companies creating an impact, be it commercial or cultural, in the new web space.

  • Keeps you in touch with the latest tech news
  • Designed to be a resource for startups that rely on tech efficiency
  • TechCrunch TV gives you updated video reports on the tech industry
  • Keeps you informed on upcoming TechCrunch events across the world
  • Puts you in touch with innovative tech companies and industry pioneers with crunchbase
  • Helps you learn about new apps that can enhance your sales and marketing
  • Provides a search engine to research a vast amount of tech articles

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal “SEJ” offers expert contributions by guest contributors in the form of detailed subject guides, news reporting and critical analyses with a sharp focus on SEO, digital marketing, social media, paid search, content marketing and a lot more.

Search Engine Journal
  • Provides the latest SEO and search engine news
  • Serves as a resource for researchers of online marketing industry economics
  • Helps you learn about brand development through social media
  • Reports the latest news on paid search platforms such as AdWords
  • Provides free ebooks of content marketing guides
  • Teaches you online paid advertising and social media sharing techniques
  • Gives you easy access to powerful inbound marketing tools

Search Engine Watch

This page is for the readers who want to share blogs they have written about SEM and for uploading pictures & videos they have taken or recorded at conferences and for connecting with experts in search engine marketing across the world.

Search Engine Watch
  • Reports insight on the latest developments in the search engine industry
  • Gives you access to the latest SEO news to help improve your organic search
  • Informs you on how to plan successful PPC advertising campaigns
  • Teaches you how to stay up to date on using analytics to plan business strategies
  • Provides social media stories that may help inspire your marketing strategies
  • Taps into a wealth of information about how to use local search effectively
  • Provides intelligence reports to keep you updated on digital marketing trends


Kissmetrics blogs provide deep insights and analysis of all data and metrics a marketer needs gauge the effectiveness of their SEO work. Not just devoted to being an SEO blog, KISSmetrics, from time-to-time blogs on the subject and will help you gain a profound understanding search engine marketing from a numbers' perspective. If you are looking for in-depth analytical information, read KISSmetrics on a daily basis.

  • Provides innovative behavioral analytics that allow you to track what users do on your site
  • Gives you insight on why leads convert or not
  • Helps you align your goals with customer behavior
  • Designed to give you the tools to accelerate your business growth
  • Useful for ecommerce sites and digital marketing agencies
  • Allows you to easily integrate your existing apps with cutting edge tracking tools

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Backlinko blogs mostly deal with link building, SEO, content marketing, and conversions. Founder Brian Dean helps marketers understand how they can improve rankings on Google and up their search traffic with the help of specialized strategies, something which is hard to get somewhere else.

  • Designed to expand your SEO knowledge and strategies
  • Provides proven SEO tips from professional marketers
  • Offers a weekly newsletter that gives you exclusive SEO and traffic tips
  • Tips are actionable with the intent to help you increase leads
  • Published by globally known SEO expert Brian Dean
  • Demystifies video SEO marketing, allowing you to maximize YouTube rankings
  • Teaches you how to more than double your organic traffic
  • Helps you learn techniques that maximize keyword research

Convince & Convert

Convince & Convert blog has a lot to offer in terms of a website, podcast, books, blogs, and e-books. It's a great stop to learn more on digital advertising, all explained in a simple, succinct manner without compromising on insight and information.

Convince & Convert
  • Gives you insight on how to increase leads and generate sales
  • Brings buyers and sellers together through multimedia networking
  • Lets you learn from best selling author of digital marketing books, Jay Baer
  • Gives you access to online marketing training courses
  • Provides insight on building stronger relationships with customers
  • Offers expert consulting advice on audience analysis and growth
  • Blog's expertise helps you improve blogs, podcasts and other content strategies

The SEM Post

The SEM Post was launched in 2014 and offers a fresh look on the search marketing industry by providing very important news and commentary regarding why it’s important and the impact it’s going to leave on you and your business. The SEM Post blog offers a lot in terms of tips, ideas, and strategies on topics related to SEO, PPC, social media, as well as content strategy.

The SEM Post
  • Provides marketing news from SEO/SEM industry experts
  • Keeps you updated on the state of the digital marketing industry
  • Gives you insight on inbound marketing techniques through its newsletters
  • Provides direct access to the latest social media news about Facebook and Twitter
  • Reports the latest search engine news about Google and Bing
  • Offers writing opportunities for thought leaders to share marketing expertise
  • Allows you to submit digital marketing tips to help grow its knowledge base

Stone Temple

Stone Temple’s SEO blogs get lapped up by all SEO enthusiasts and web marketers, giving all sorts of practical information related with content marketing services, services concerned with local SEO, on-page and off-page optimization, penguin and penguin recovery, plus a lot more.

Stone Temple
  • Provides SEO and content marketing services
  • Helps develop your social media strategy
  • Develops custom programs for businesses that evolve as the company grows
  • Provides unique advice that combines the art and science of digital marketing
  • Researches your market position to help you determine lead generation strategies
  • Gives you ongoing advice on marketing strategies based on analytics
  • Designed to help give businesses a competitive edge using the latest marketing tools


Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field and marketers need to keep themselves constantly updated about the latest emerging trends to take informed decisions about their key strategies and plans. The list specified above includes the best sources around the web for marketers to enhance and update their acumen and skills.

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