8 Best Academic Podcasts in 2024 for Students

8 Best Academic Podcasts in 2024 for Students
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Learning is a lifelong experience that shouldn't end abruptly after school is done. Thanks to modern advances in media and technology, you can even incorporate learning into your day-to-day routine, such as listening to an educational podcast while jogging or driving.

According to a Statista survey, most podcast consumers say that education--learning new things--is their primary motivation for listening. The rising popularity of this medium has also necessitated the provision of podcast Transcription services to make it more inclusive by catering to audiences with hearing difficulties. 

Here Are the 8 Best Academic Podcasts to Go With Your Quest for Knowledge:

1. Hardcore History (Dan Carlin)

Long-form podcasts aren't usually easy to follow to the end for most people. However, it's different when the narrator is the legendary Dan Carlin.

In his Hardcore History series that has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times, Dan delves into key events of the past in the most fascinating ways, from the Mongol empire and the Punic Wars to the 13-day Cuban Missile Crisis. 

The past is still relevant today, and it can come back to haunt us--this is what Dan has consistently demonstrated through his vivid podcasts since launching back in 2005. 

His captivating educational audios are available for download on his official website and a host of third-party platforms, including Apple and Spotify.  

2. 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy (BBC)

Launched in November 2016, this podcast takes you through major inventions that have significantly influenced economic transformation.

Economist Tim Harford created the show for the BBC World Service, where you can download the podcasts for free. This should interest you if you're curious about things such as the role of a gun in the manufacturing revolution, QWERTY, SWIFT, and much more.

3. Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine

This podcast covers medical history in a fun way, with the expert input of Sydnee, one of the two hosts on the show. Justin, the other host, provides humor as the two take their audience through potentially grotesque medical content.

While comic relief (not medical advice) is the podcast's general idea, there are good lessons and information to learn along the way. Sawbones episodes are available online at Maximum Fun.

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4. Philosophize This! (Stephen West)

An overview of basic philosophy can impact your thinking and understanding of how things work, including society. However, most of us are disinterested in the topic because we don't usually encounter it in a simplified, helpful format.

Philosophize This! takes a different approach that may get your attention right away. 

In this free podcast that's aired since 2013, Stephen West delivers an interesting monologue on philosophy in a simplified layman's language.

Listening to any of his episodes on topics such as death, life, and philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates, you can quickly tell that the presenter has done his homework to deliver the main points accurately.

To catch up on his thought-provoking view of things, head on over to Philosophize This!

5. Future Thinkers (Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova)

Do futuristic concepts like the smart village interest you? Future Thinkers focuses on such ideas and covers plenty of trending technological ideas, including controversial Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova started this podcast back in 2013 to inspire people to evolve for optimal compatibility with the future of humanity.

They provide insightful discussions that explore futuristic trends in technology with a twist of philosophy. Their content has been downloaded 5 million times so far, and you can check it out on their official website

6. Hidden Brain (Shankar Vedantam)

It isn't always obvious that a deep level of consciousness that we don't have quick access to can play a role in determining what we become in life. 

Hidden Brain delves into this concept in one of the best academic podcasts focusing on our everyday experiences and their connections to our inner thoughts. Throughout the award-winning presentations, Shankar Vedantam explores the concept of unconsciousness and how ideas emanating from it may impact our choices in various aspects of life.

The podcast has been available to the public since August 9, 2015, and you may check it out on the Hidden Brain website.  

7. EconTalk (Russ Roberts)

During his thought-provoking conversations with fellow economists, Russ Roberts breaks down economic principles and makes them easier to grasp even if you aren't a scholar.

Since launching the podcast on March 16, 2006, the host has interviewed top professional economists, including Noble Laureates like Robert Shiller and the late Milton Friedman.

The weekly podcast is available on the EconTalk website.

8. The Investor’s Podcast Network (Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen)

Learning from the best is one of the most effective approaches to success in every aspect of life, including finance. If you agree, the Investor's Podcast is the place to be when looking to pick up proven investment strategies.

In the podcasts, Co-founders Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen speak to successful investors in different areas of the economy.

They've been inspiring prospective investors to financial success since 2014, and "We Study Billionaires" is one of their most successful podcasts (has over 75,000,000 downloads).

To listen to any of their episodes, visit their official online platform

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Podcast Transcription Services for Creators

Is your goal to be one of the best academic podcasts around? You can expand your reach with our transcription services. Our transcriptionists will provide you with high-quality transcripts without a single part of your story lost in the transcription.

This will enable you to keep your podcast content informative and captivating across all audiences, including your deaf or hard-of-hearing fans.   

Do You Need Help with Your Best Academic Podcasts Transcription?

Podcast transcription services can be useful when you need to gauge how interesting the show is before committing to an entire episode. It also makes the content easier to share with friends with hearing difficulties.

At GMR Transcription Services, Inc., we guarantee 99% accuracy of our transcriptions because we only enlist 100% human transcriptionists, who are all American. Contact us today for help transcribing your best academic podcasts with live customer support!

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