8 Useful Transcription Data of a Quality Jewelry Appraisal

8 Useful Transcription Data of a Quality Jewelry Appraisal
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


The jewelry business has discovered the usefulness of transcription for documenting quality jewelry appraisal. It means you can present the precise details of your jewelry to insurance companies in case of any theft or loss. This makes the process simpler and hassle-free for insurance companies too.

Quality Jewelry AppraisalThus, having a professional transcribe the vital information of expensive jewelry can prove immensely helpful for a business in case of theft or loss of any item.

A quality jewelry appraisal must contain all crucial information of the item. On the whole, there are 8 useful data points that are a part of a quality jewelry appraisal done by a professional transcriptionist:

  1. Contact Info & Date
    While it is very basic information, it is still vital. A jeweler will need contact information, for their own business and the interested party, as well as an accurate date of the appraisal. The transcriptionist can easily take care of this.

  2. Description of Jewelry
    A written note of the precise description of the jewelry piece will be needed. A professional can write concise descriptions for each piece of jewelry with ease. These also happen to have faster turnaround times compared to other transcription services.

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  3. Weight of Diamonds
    If there are any diamonds being appraised then the actual weight of the diamond will need to be cataloged properly. Jewelers can have countless notes on diamond weights and this is exactly where a transcriptionist can help.

  4. Metal Attributes
    This will include the condition of the precious metals in the jewelry as well as its weight, type, finish, and setting. All of this information also needs to have up to date and precise information.

  5. Gemstone Attributes
    Much like the metal attributes information, the gemstones and diamonds within the jewelry also need to be properly documented in their weight, setting, type, finish, quality, and condition.

  6. Legends from Gemstones
    The markings of a gemstone also need to be noted in an appraisal and can be professionally documented by a transcriptionist. This can include cloudiness, certain markings, and other things worth noting.

  7. Approximate Replacement Value
    Should the jewelry go missing, an approximate replacement value will need to be drafted with all the correct information. This can also help value the piece in the appraisal, and be a quick transcription service.

  8. Signature of Preparer
    Finally, the signature of the appraiser is required to officially document the jewelry appraisal. A professional transcriptionist helps to finalize the document and evaluates all data points before getting it signed and appraised.

Look for these data points in your next quality jewelry appraisal.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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