5 Ways to Relieve Work Stress

5 Ways to Relieve Work Stress
Julie Parker

Julie Parker


How to Relieve Work Stress


Work. It's something we all must do at one point or another. However, for many people, work causes quite a bit of stress. We've all heard the saying, "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." Even though you may not love your job, you can drastically reduce your stress by taking just a few steps, from time management to a work from home career.



  1. Time Management: Manage your time by scheduling each task according to their individual deadlines. Focus your energy and attention on a single project until it is completed. By doing so, you will drastically reduce your stress and, in turn, the task at hand will be completed more efficiently.
  2. Know Your Body Clock: What time of day do you perform the best? Consider whether you’re a morning, afternoon or an evening person. The time of day that you’re most alert and energized is the time in which you should schedule your most difficult tasks. You will find that by doing this, these intimidating tasks will be much easier to accomplish and you will ultimately increase your efficiency and productivity.
  3. Take Breaks: Take time away from your work. Make sure to step away from your duties for a few minutes at least twice a day. This will clear your mind and provide you time to relax. Additionally, taking a break will help you maintain your focus on any remaining projects that await your return.
  4. Laugh: Even for the most experienced employee, errors and unexpected situations are inevitable. It is at these times where a good sense of humor will pay off. In most cases, these dilemmas will be worked out before you know it. So… learn to laugh. Remember, laughter is the best medicine; even at work.
  5. Work From Home: Lastly, one of the best ways to overcome work related stress is to work from home. There are many work from home careers available, including working for a transcription company. Many of them enable you to create your own schedule and to work at a pace that is comfortable for you.



Work from home jobs come in a large variety, from administrative positions to starting a business of your own. Making the quote mentioned above a reality in your life may be much closer to home than you think.



Work doesn't have to weigh you down. With just a few steps, you can relieve much of your work related stress and truly enjoy your career.

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Julie Parker

Julie Parker

Julie Parker is the Transcription Supervisor for GMR Transcription Services, Inc, a leading U.S. transcription company based in Orange County, California. Julie has a true passion for effective verbal and written communication. She applies her passion to providing the excellent customer service and accuracy upon which GMR Transcription's clients depend. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, watching movies, and hosting dinner parties with friends.