3 Spooky Facts About Facebook

3 Spooky Facts About Facebook
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy




However, very few of us know that Facebook offers an option to choose. You can go to your security settings on Facebook and choose whether you would want to have your profile memorialized, or you would want it to be permanently deleted.


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  1. Largest Virtual Graveyard

    RIP updates and obituaries on Facebook have become very common nowadays. Facebook profiles of the deceased stay right there, undisturbed. They preserve the memories, the thoughts, the photographs, and the comments of the users who have left the world. These profiles are no less than virtual graves. Because Facebook refuses to delete the profiles of those that have passed away, according to Hachem Sadikki, a PhD candidate in statistics from University of Massachusetts, “Facebook, which currently has 1.5 billion users worldwide, will turn into the world's biggest virtual graveyard by 2098."[Source]
  2. Slowly Capturing the Web

    It’s no news that Facebook has been ruling the world of social media ever since the downfall of Orkut. Lately, the corporate giant has been taking large steps in order to take over the rest of the internet. After buying Instagram and Whatsapp, Facebook has also acquired the popular face swapping app, MSQRD recently. In the Facebook Developer Conference held on 12th and 13th of April this year, Mark Zuckerberg has revealed some highly ambitious future plans.

    The latest live video streaming feature along with the live streaming map, where the users can find the live videos of their choice from all over the world, is clearly challenging the popularity of YouTube and Google hangout. The new Facebook messenger bot is here to overwrite the importance of customer support emails. Now the customers can personally communicate with the companies via Facebook messenger. There is a lot more in store.

    Critically reviewing these aggressive marketing strategies, an author Teddy Amenabar from The Washington Post very critically exclaimed, “Facebook wants to become the Internet.”

  3. Keeps a Continuous Watch on You

    You created your FB profile entered whatever limited information you wished to, and relaxed with the perception that this is the only information they have about you. Ever wondered how only those kind updates or ads appear in your news feed that you would mostly be interested in? Ever noticed the randomly changing arrangement of friends that show on the top? If you didn’t, give some thought to it now!

    Facebook keeps collecting data about you continuously. Every time you browse, you click, you comment or you react, there is something that they get to know about you. Not only this, how much time you spend on a particular post or a website (even outside Facebook) is also taken into account.

    Their biggest tool for drawing so much data on you is Facebook Connect. So next time, when you feel lazy about the whole sign up process and login to a website with Facebook, just remember that you are being virtually followed.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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