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This page is intended for those who wish to make a career in Transcription. GMR Transcription is one of the top transcription companies in the US and is always in need of quality transcriptionists. If you feel ready for the job you can apply here for a transcriptionist job, else you decide to go in for transcription certification to enhance your value. If you already are a transcriptionist and wish to get independent jobs you can register at sites that register independent transcription vendors.

Transcription companies offer a range of services which are executed by transcriptionists. The qualifications required by different companies may differ but recently there is a surge in demand for certified transcriptionists. These transcriptionists usually have a certification degree in their specialized area of transcription like medical transcription or legal transcription. What the certification basically means is that the transcriptionist is familiar with the terms and phrases of the profession and well accurately transcribe the audio. There is no doubt that certified transcriptionists are better paid with regular flow of transcripts.

However a certification is not compulsory to become a transcriptionist. If you have good typing speed, knowledge of some specialized software and good command over the language you can make it to the job of the transcriptionist.. The infrastructure requirements are simple; high speed internet access and computer running Window XP or Vista. In addition you must have adequate backup for power and computer peripherals etc.

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Ideal Transcriptionist

Though it is difficult to define an ideal candidate for Transcriptionists job, it may be remembered that most transcription companies want their ideal candidate to be flexible, experienced, available, accommodating, meticulous, and most of all reliable. You are advised not to apply if you do not fulfill other criteria but there is no harm applying to a job description which has nothing to rule you out. You should be quick in replying for a position as the vacancies may get filled if you are late.

Work from home Transcriptionist

To cut back on their overhead costs most companies allow transcriptionists to work from home. While work from home has it’s advantages regarding no commute, flexible timings and others, it requires discipline and self motivation. Another drawback is you miss the interaction and bonhomie of an office. The payment being production based, tendency to overwork would spring in. But the pros certainly overshadow the cons. You have flexible working hours, no commuting problems to and fro office, more working hours as you save traveling time and thereby have chances of better earning. You are available for the family anytime. You are able to earn while taking care of home. Working at home has fewer restrictions, less stress, less politics and to think of it comfortable clothes as you wish!

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Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists should know medical terminology, analysis and physiology. They should be able to follow the difficult dictation, different pronunciation related to the medical field. He should have the ability to recognize the variant or errors in the medical dictations and correct them if any. He should have the ability to operate the Medical transcription equipments such as MT software, medical dictionaries and MS word. It is also important for medical transcriptionists to be familiar medical terms as well as legal standards and requirements that apply to health records. Mostly companies prefer to hire candidates with previous experience or have a diploma or associates degree in medical transcription.
You may work at home as a Medical Transcriptionist(MT).This can happen only after you get some experience.MT require confident discreet handling of work. Also there is no room for error as it is health related. Anyone who wants to do MT at home is thoroughly screened and tested for confidentiality.

Due to cheap labor overseas few companies have started outsourcing their medical transcription work but there are some who are still skeptical. Salaries of MTs are very lucrative.MT has a flip side too. It is very difficult to understand complicated medical voice and recordings, sit in front of computers for long hours and most of the medical companies pay on the basis of productions.

You can start as a junior level Medical Transcriptionist to Editor to Quality Controller or Quality Analyst to Proof Reader which is the final step to attain 100% accuracy in MT.

Legal Transcriptionist

Legal Transcription is technical and tedious. Companies look out for transcriptionists who have good typing speed (more than 65 wpm), exposure to legal system in some capacity and good proficiency in the language (generally English). High speed online and ability to meet deadline is beneficial. You may also be required to posses certain hardware such as 4-track transcription machine.
Although no formal training is needed to become a legal transcriptionist, it is important to have a solid understanding of legal terminology. There are many candidates who apply. These applications are separated by typing speed and computer application skills. Some companies select transcriptionists after taking a small test involving some questions and computer skill test.With experience you can earn very well in this field too. You can work as proof reader and independent contractor.

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