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Transcription is the conversionof voice recordings to a text format. Click this link for further explanation (YouTube link that explains transcription) to see details.

GMR Transcription is a California C corporation that has been providing accurate and affordable transcription services since 2004. GMR Transcription clients include several blue chip companies, almost all leading universities, market research companies, government organizations and several non-profit institutions. GMR Transcription is based in Orange County, California and employs over 200 independent contractor transcribers all over the U.S and Canada.

GMR Transcription has been blessed with continuous growth through this tough economy. The company wants to share some of the wealth by offering marketable skills to college students, money for textbooks and classes, and possible part time work with GMR Transcription upon completion and passing of the optional TCI course.

Transcription is great for anyone! But, for those who are limited on time, as college student are but need money as college student do, this is a great opportunity. You can make your own hours, work where ever you find most comfortable, and the money you can make doing it is up to you.

A transcriber can typically make anywhere from $10.00 to $35.00 per hour, depending on their proficiency. A new transcriber can expect to make around $15.00 per hour.

GMR Transcription cannot guarantee any work. All students will be added to our roster of qualified transcribers, and they will be offered work as GMR Transcription gets it.

Below is how a transcriber gets work:

  1. GMR Transcription gets work from its clients.
  2. GMR contacts transcribers in its roster.
  3. Transcribers see job details, transcription rate and due date.
  4. Transcribers accept the job.
  5. GMR Transcription assigns the project to the first transcriber who accepted the job
  6. Transcriber retrieves the voice file from the online account provided to them.
  7. Voice file is transcribed, and text file is turned in by uploading to transcriber's account.
  8. Invoice GMR Transcription once every two weeks.
  9. GMR Transcription pays every other Friday.

No, students can take their skills anywhere. GMR Transcription simply gives them the option to work for them, if they choose to take the course and pass the test.

It takes about 10 hours to complete the course and take the final test.

Yes. Here is what you will need to get certification, and also work as a transcriber:

  1. Computer with reliable internet access.
  2. b. Good quality headphone set.
  3. Microsoft Word.
  4. FTW Transcriber, or similar transcription software (click here to download FTW Transcriberwww.theftwtranscriber.com)
  5. A transcriber's foot pedal is recommended

There's no limit to who can apply. However, GMR Transcription will only select two, although all applicants will receive the free TCI code if they choose to proceed with the course and testing.

  1. Submission of your 1 page (minimum) essay.
  2. Has to be enrolled in a college. Proof of enrollment will be required before certification is granted.

GMR Transcription pays all the cost.

No. 100% of the scholarship cost is funded by GMR Transcription Services, Inc.

Transcription is a great opportunity for a college student to make extra money on the side. You are able to work from home, and you essentially determine your work schedule. You can choose to work 7 hours a week or 30. And plus, a job like this would never interphere with your schooling and studies.


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